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"Dr. Timothy Farrell is an amazing surgeon. I found him most competent, yet a humble man. At UNC Chapel Hill, his reputation is impeccable. I found him to be kind and caring of his patients at a level I have never seen in a doctor, let alone a surgeon. His nurse, Karen Colton, has been a god send. She takes time out of her busy busy day to return all phone calls and take care of my needs, when needed. She has never failed me or faltered in any way. Karen is the backbone of the bariatric program at UNC Chapel Hill Memorial. rnrnDr. Farrell's partner, Dr. Overby, needs to be mentioned. His name is not on the list here, but it well should be. He has been with me from the start. I have had much more contact with Dr. Overby then Dr. Farrell. He is the one that knows me, done my after care, and attends the support group meetings. Dr. Overby is not just another great surgeon. He is so down to earth, caring and motivating to me. He's funny, honest and forthright. I am so very comfortable asking him anything. He has a way of putting me at ease from the moment he walks in the examining room. I never walk out thinking \"darn, I should have asked this or I wish I had asked that.\" I believe it is because:rn1. his personality and his ability to put me at ease and communicate at any level.rn2. he's never in a hurry, or preoccupied with \"other things.\" He comes in and is focused on me. rn3. he is so thorough in his examination, his study of my labs and his knowledge of history.rnrnIt is so utterly apparent that Dr.'s Overby and Farrell love what they do, and do it with excellence. Thank you all."
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