"Come on Maxine, I saw the way you were looking at him at that first interview. Like a dog who has not only been offered a bone but finds the entire meat cupboard open for him. And I tell you he was totally on another planet during that second interview, and it wasn't from my sex appeal, amazing though that may be."

"It was that obvious double penetration gay porn movies ?"

"Certainly. He may as well have been wearing a badge saying 'I've just been laid'".

Mum's words made me come to a decision, but probably not the one she wanted me to take. I would take a lover to finally push Andrew from my memory. This was not hard to do; there had been no end of men at tech willing to date me. In the end I decided not to date anyone in my class while I was still studying. Rather incestuous, and I wanted to stay on good terms with them as a group.

So when I returned to my studies I started dating a series of men that I met at parties and pubs. I don't remember them much as individuals. Just as a string of embarrassing episodes. My increased confidence meant that I was not prepared to immediately give them what they wanted, with the result that most lost interest in me. So it was not until I graduated the next June that I finally moved in with my boyfriend Jeff, a diffident young man who worked in a local supermarket as a trainee manager. My mother came for my graduation ceremony, and I sent a graduation photo to Andrew. I received another congratulatory message in reply, together with an account of his own life. He was enjoying the work in America, but still had not found a steady girlfriend.

After graduation I found a job as a consents officer at the local council and my life changed for the better. The extra pay meant Jeff and I were able to rent a small place by ourselves, and I could afford to heat it when I was cold, not just on pay day. My workplace offered subsidised counselling sessions for staff, and these were helpful in letting me come to terms with what my father had done to me, and to develop more self esteem. Because we were working as a team at work and not on commission, my work mates were more solicitous and my boss more polite and respectful, and I no longer dreaded going to work.

I was better in bed as well. Having experienced exciting sex with somebody who genuinely cared about me, even if only for the moment, I knew how to fake an orgasm, and it took Jeff a while to realise that I was dead inside whenever we had sex. As a result, my relationship with Jeff lasted a bit longer than with my Opotane boyfriends.

Until that time when I came home from work early because of a bomb scare at the council. It turned out to be a false alarm, but it certainly had an explosive effect on my subsequent life free live gay sex

I heard murmurs and groans from the bedroom as I came through the door. There was a woman sprawled on the bed - couldn't see her face or head hair, but her pubes were red, her slit a glistening pink, and I could see the shape of her tits, the nipples perched on top like like two cairns. She had her legs wide apart, and Jeff was kneeling at the foot of the bed, just taking a rest from what must have been a quite vigorous tongue rubbing session.


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