My story is no different than any other person's story on this board...  I've been overweight my entire life, started my first official diet at 13 (Weight Watchers). After 30 years of various eating plans (Weight Watchers 4 more times, crazy Beverly Hills diet doctor, nutritionists, trainers, CBT, Mt Sinai Center for Eating & Weight Disorders, Phen/Fen, name it), I decided to ask a surgeon for help.

I talked to my doctor - Dr. Cirangle - for 5 years before I pulled the trigger.  We finally set a surgery date, and 3-4 weeks ahead of time he had a hand injury.  His colleague, Dr. Laura Machado, ended up operating on 1/19/15.  Dr. Cirangle was in the OR, followed up on me 3 times during my 36-hour hospital stay, and has been in charge of my recovery.  

My second week post-op, I stalled out at 5lb lost.  My sister (a nutritionist in training) says my body just has to get used to eating so many fewer calories and a different mix of protein/carbs/fats than I had before.  Let's hope she's right...

On Monday, 2/2/15, I go back to my job -- which is new product development for a pet food & treat company.  My job is to nourish pets with good food and treats that make them happy.  How fun is that??  There's a quote I love from MFK Fisher that talks about the beauty in feeding others when one is spiritually or physically hungry oneself.  Perhaps that's how I ended up in this job.

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