Tim Pitchford

"Dr. Pitchford is a soft spoken, matter-of-fact surgeon. I first met him at an informational group meeting and though his presentation was very thorough I had a lot of questions. I felt like he listened to each one and had no hesitation answering anything - even the questions about morbidity and mortality rates. The only complaint I have is that when I had my initial consultation with him he was very late for the appointment and seemed to rush through my appointment. He did stress that this surgery was not an \"easy way\" out and I should only think of it as a last resort. I did get all of my questions answered eventually by his office staff. Speaking of his office staff - they are wonderful. Sue, his nurse, is VERY kind and patient with my many, many questions. I'm still waiting for insurance approval, but Dr. Pitchford's staff has been just great at getting the additional information required by my insurance company. Bonnie is my contact in patient services (the area that is faxing and coordinating all my information) and she has been very patient with my many phone calls and questions!"
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