"Head hunger:" Cravings, but only a distant memory...

Jun 09, 2012

 When I was in the hospital after my open RNY surgery (2/28/12), I would see the person from the cafeteria come into my doorway with "food" (a tiny bowl of broth, a bottle of Crystal Light, & a teenier cup of Jell-O) & I would be wishing I had enough strength to pick up my IV pole & throw it right at their HEAD.
Just the smell of food made me feel like I was going to throw up (& I had absolutely nothing on my stomach, not even water). I was in the hospital almost 4 days (they kept me an extra day because I was in pain & I couldn't keep the meds down). The 4th day, just before I left, they brought me in pureed food (turkey, peas). I ate it. I was a tiny bit hungry. I didn't feel like throwing anything at the cafeteria person.

When I got home, I was exceedingly sensitive to smells & even just the suggestion of certain things (chocolate, anything with artificial sweetener in it) made me have to sit completely still until the wave of nausea passed. As I was coming up the stairs to my bedroom (just home from the hospital) I could smell my body wash (raspberry something) in my bathroom like my whole house was soaking in it. I ripped that bottle of stuff outta my shower stall & buried it in the back of my husband's bathroom's undersink cabinet like it was an evil voodoo doll.

Okay so that was ONE side of it.

The night I was home from the hospital, my son (college) got home & all his homies came over the house. My son came upstairs to say hi to me. I said, "Whatcha been doing?" He said, "We just got back from RED ROBIN. It was so great! OH, SORRY!" I about cried! RED ROBIN?! How did I forget to hit that place before my surgery? It was the end of the WORLD! RED ROBIN!

So yes, head hunger: I now knew what it was.

A bit over 3 months out, I still have head hunger. But It's kind of abstract, like the memory of an old boyfriend from when I was a teenager...


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