I had SRVG in '93 at Soroka hospital in Beersheva, Israel. Weighed 121k and 152cm-5ft tall.
vomited for 8 years-thought that was normal until did barium swallow which showed narrowing of esophagus 
at 4mm.
Revision in '01 to VBG but originally it was to be a LapBand but during the surgery the doc changed his mind.
POVH in '03
Hysterectomy in '05.
Lately been suffering from severe GERD after years of endoscopy findings of hiatus hernia, h/pylori (treated),
erosion of esophagus, esophagitis, and recemtly also 2 folds vertically covering the opening to stomach.
been to 3 surgeons out of town. All advise  open gastric bypass. High risks involved.

Open RNY GB scheduled for 24 December at  Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital in Jerusalem