Nothing much to say

Nov 08, 2009

I eat, I drink,
I protein,I vitamin,
I try to move my body.
Weight still at 75K.
Some clothes are loose on me
yet when I try to shop for clothes,
life gets so difficult.


Had a Follow-Up Appointment with Dr. Geron

Sep 14, 2009

  I am now 75 K on the doctor's scale.
  And he said I don't need to lose more weight.
  Meaning "that losing weight is not a competition" and as Maya has told me, "A person should not be defined by what number shows on the scale".
  Of course I would like it if the numbers on my scale kept going Left and if my body woukd lose 10 K more but not at the expence of my feeling at all emotionally deprived.
  I find - as Johanna gas said numerous times - that I eat healthier now than I did before the RnY.
  Life is a continuius Learning Experience and every day is a new chance at a better life for me with the tool of my RnY.
  My latest bloods show inprovement in Calcium, Iron, D3 and HbA1C is definely immeasurable.


A Gain And A Loss

Aug 06, 2009

    A couple of weeks ago I bought delimeat on sale and goofed on the brand I bought. Then as I was "lazy" about returning it and did not have to whom to give it, I ate it over the next week with whole wheat bread. And then the scale showed 78K!
   I went away for a couple of days and then this past Shabbat I used all my Bariatric freebies including Crystal Lite and got shilshul (diarrhea) which I have had since and I've dropped about 3.5K. I refuse to be on the anti-shilshul diet. So I take my protein drink and other liquids and eat and vitamins and hope the weight loss stall is over and I can lose the rest of the weight I want to.


Eating Most Everything...

Apr 30, 2009

   I can eat most things although I do try to make better choices for myself and look first for protein, take my vits and get my liquid in.It is always a learning process in day to day living.
   Over Pesach, I was lax and ate poorer choices. I am stil working on getting the weight down from those indul-gences.


One year+One month Since my OP: 74.3 vs.76

Mar 30, 2009

  I saw Dr. Geron today. And as usual I did not weigh what I was hoping to, considering that Nechama was here yesterday and on her digital scale I was 74.3K but by Dr. Geron I was 76K. Oh, well, what can I do?  The main thing is that I am losing - albeit, slowly. And I have lost in centimeters around the body so I am looking pretty good if I may say so.

Endo appointment

Mar 04, 2009

77.7- 1K for my shoes.
Still in Elad.

Long Time I have not Written

Feb 26, 2009

  I tend to write only when I lose....
  I am losing but slowly.
  I am in Elad helping Dvora Cobin after their car accident.
 And I am known in the kupat cholim here.
Last week, fully clothed, I weighed 78.6 and today I was 77.5.
The numbers are going down so I must be doing something right.
Being in Elad, I have chosen to be "the human garbage can" and finish what the kids don't eat--morning toast,etc. and eat rice, pasta, potatos.
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I am down to 75.5

Feb 01, 2009

My dietician friend came over today with her special scale as it will be my surgiversary in just two more days.
This scale is the type you go on barefoot. I made sure to wear clothing the same as previous times.
WOW-that was almost my mini-goal for my next surgeon appointment in six weeks!

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Topic: I THINK ABOUT FOOD ALL THE TIME--even more than before

Jan 23, 2009

Many of my friends think I'm crazy - including my GP when he sees me with my 1L drinking bottle of a protein (that I dilute to give me more liquid).
I cannot just eat what I want when I want anymore. I have to plan what to buy, what and when to eat and if I am going out to do errands or traveling, to take proper foods with me.
Why is that so hard for people to understand?
So yeah , I think about food alll the time - drink, protein, vitamin, wait in between eating and drinking and space out my calcium and iron and calcium. I spend a lot of time looking at the clock and calculating time slots and in my head adding up my liquid intake and protein consumption.
Mikimi in Israel


Eating and not Feeling Deprived

Jan 05, 2009

     My weight-loss may be slow but I am not in competition with anyone.
     And I refuse to ever feel deprived. Of course as I don't "dump".....
     I work on my proteins- including one large drink in the a.m. and liquids and vitamins.
     I am anemic and calcium deficient but both I had before my RnY. And as many know already, vitamins cost money!
    Tonight my friend who is a dietician, came over with her special scale and tape measure.
     Only down 200g from seven weeks ago.... but I was away from home for several days and slightly off my eating plan.
     And my daughter's wedding.
     And it was evening and the other times, the weighing was earlier in the day and not at night.
     But it was a loss and that is what counts!