Had a Follow-Up Appointment with Dr. Geron

Sep 14, 2009

  I am now 75 K on the doctor's scale.
  And he said I don't need to lose more weight.
  Meaning "that losing weight is not a competition" and as Maya has told me, "A person should not be defined by what number shows on the scale".
  Of course I would like it if the numbers on my scale kept going Left and if my body woukd lose 10 K more but not at the expence of my feeling at all emotionally deprived.
  I find - as Johanna gas said numerous times - that I eat healthier now than I did before the RnY.
  Life is a continuius Learning Experience and every day is a new chance at a better life for me with the tool of my RnY.
  My latest bloods show inprovement in Calcium, Iron, D3 and HbA1C is definely immeasurable.