Nissim Geron

"At first I was sceptical as I was really hoping to have my surgery (revision) in Jerusalem but after the original surgeon cancelled my op, I was back on the search.rnWhen I returned, Dr. Geron was direct and honest about the risks in this being my 3rd WLS yet comforting at the same time.rnThe office staff is nice . My only problem was that I needed the secretary (and the surgeon was on vacation) and she was out due to a family death. But when Dr. Geron returned, I met with him in his office -and not his clinic.rnPeople in Israel needing a revision should know about him and his hospital. Not everyone should have to go only to a hospital in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to get quality care. It also exists in the northern part of the country.rnI have my 2nd appointment after surgery coming up. As my incisioned opened to a seroma, I am seeing him one week after release from hospital and then two weeks later.rnWhen in hospital, the dietician sat with me for more than half an hour privately while I was hospitalized explaining and answering my questions.rnThe surgical ward is smaller than some other hospitals I had visited. This contributed to a \"family\" atmosphere between patients and nurses and even the doctors. If a patient happened to be out of the room during Rounds, a doctor would find them and motion for them to return to their room. Nothing was done in rebuke."