Time is moving slowly

Sep 25, 2010

My surgery is scheduled for October 7th.  Before I got the date, I was constantly doubting that this was the right thing for me.  But since I got the date, I am totally excited.  I am doing very well on the pre-op diet, it has been no problem for me.  I am lucky I found protein shakes that I like at Target.  EAS Carb Control protein shakes.  They went on sale this week, too, so I bought enough for me to have 4/day until my surgery.  That is 68 grams of protein - I fill in the remaining protein by eating lowfat cheese sticks.  I am doing fine keeping the carbs under 30 grams, in fact, I had to call the nutritionist to ask if it was bad or good to NOT eat 30 grams of carbs.  He said he encouraged everyone to get in the carbs, but not go over.  So I have a small serving of pineapple in its own juice for 15 grams.  The other grams come from a calcium chew (2x/day) and the small carbs in the shakes.

Time is moving way too slow, I can't wait to get this over with and start losing.  I want to be more successful than anyone thinks I can be.  My doctor's target weight for me is 170 - I hope to far exceed that. 

Good luck to everyone! 

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