Padma Arla

"Dr.Arla is an exceptional dr in my opinion! He has done great work for our county & is the most caring dr i think i have ever seen. He is very knowledgable & has a awesome bedside mannor. I've always felt very safe in his care."

Shawn Hall

"Shawn was very knowledgeable and made sure i understood everything before i left. She answered all my questions about diet, vitimins, and protein.Then gave me her card in case i need to call her with more questions. She was very nice and helpful."

David Geller

"I just met with Dr.Geller today for my 1st consult. I think he is very intelligent, caring, and actually has a sense of humor. I think he will have a good bed side manner too. He was very thorough with the seminar, answered all our questions, and didnt make us rushed at all. The office staff I have met (brande) is really nice also. I found her very helpful and she has had wls also so she knows how & what we r going through. He has a aftercare program set up through "right weigh" and support groups every month. he is very adament bout us going to them-- could make the difference of the wls working or not.He was very to the point bout the risks of surgery but he seems to take all the necessary precautions i think. I really dont have any complaints about him, even though the meeting was late getting started i understand he was with other post ops.I respect the time he takes with each of us; no one wants to b rushed once its our turn with him. I know i dont want him rushed through my surgery or my post op visits when i need to talk to him. I'll gladly wait my turn."
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