Carol came out a little while later wearing a cute, casual dress that buttoned up the front. It was tight-fitting around her chest and highlighted the size of her rack. "Does this look good for dinner?" She asked.

"You look fabulous homemade college gay sex

She walked over, leaned down, letting me have a full view of her cleavage, and kissed me, "Why don't you change now?"

"I'll be right out and we can head for dinner."

I grabbed some jeans and a light sweater and started to change. I noticed one of her bras sitting on top of her bag, so I also used this opportunity to see how big she was. 36-D. Perfect. God I couldn't wait to rub my face in those things.

We walked to dinner, holding hands and kissing off and on along the way. We chose a nice place on the wharf and got a table by the window overlooking the water. Our conversation at dinner was all over the map. It seemed like Carol and I never had a lack of things to chat and laugh about.

We rode a pedicab down to Cannery Row and it was a great chance to snuggle under the blanket they provided. We walked around all the shops, watched a few street performers, and grabbed dessert at a place on the water. As we left dessert, I asked, "So, what else do you want to do?"

Carol put her arms around me, leaned in, and whispered, "I want you to take me back to the condo and make love to me."

"I think that can be arranged," I laughed.

Back at the condo, I lit a candle in the bedroom and then took my place in front of Carol. She put her arms on my shoulders and I took hold of the top button on her button-up dress. It popped open easily. With a slow, passionate kiss in between each button, I slowly opened her dress to reveal a sexy bra. As her dress slid off her body and to the floor, she pulled off my sweater and undershirt and then began undoing my pants.

We laid down on the bed in our underwear and started making out. My cock was already hardening and it became fully erect as she eased her and into the front of my boxers and fished it out. To remove any barrier, I removed my boxers. As she gently tickled my balls and the sensitive underside of my hard dick, I reached back and unhooked her bra. Under the pressure of her big tis, it popped open and was easily pulled aside.

Her breasts hung perfectly on her chest with huge, pink nipples giving me a target for my mouth as I started to kiss her nipples and suck gently on her tits. With her hand stroking my cock, I reached down and tugged at the waistband of her panties. She took the hint and slid them off. Her pussy was covered in a neatly trimmed bush and, as my fingers ran into the slit, she was soaking wet and moaned with pleasure.

I found her clit coming to life, so I slowly moved down, kissing my way from her tits to her inner thighs, and then I gently licked her cunt from bottom to top. She arched her back and encouraged me by pulling the back of my head deeper into her tasty pussy. I used the tip of my tongue to flick her enlarged clit and sucked it gently in and out of my mouth. She started to shake a little, so I increased the pace that I fucked her orally.

As she reached climax, she arched her back, tensed up, and screamed, "Oh fuck. John. Oh god. Oh yes, yes, yes." The intensity of her orgasm caused her to push my head away, so I climbed up and started kissing her to give her a taste of her own sweet pussy.

We kissed a little while she regained her energy, and then I whispered, "How do you want me to fuck you?"

"Spread my knees, push them back over my shoulders, and fuck the shit out of my pussy." I needed no other invitation.

Within seconds, the full length of my hard on was deep inside this gorgeous, mature woman and my balls were slapping into her pussy, still soaked from her orgasm. I sat up a little to watch my cock slide in and out of her warm vagina.

"Tell me when you're about to cum," she managed to get out.

"Do I need to pull out ?"

"Fuck no. I want to squeeze every drop of cum out of you deep in my pussy."

It didn't take much longer and she was right. As she felt the first spray of hot cum blast onto her cervix, she tightened up her muscles like a young woman. My balls emptied themselves into her cunt to the point it oozed out all over the bed. I collapsed into her arms and we kissed and fondled each other's naked bodies.

We eventually fell asleep, only to be woken up when my dick sprang back to life and was poking her in the back as we spooned. Knowing we weren't in for much sleep anyway, we both woke up and started kissing.


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