Insurance APPROVAL

Sep 05, 2010

After the Doctors office sent everything to Anthem on September 7th, 2010, I called everyday at least once a day but mostly twice a day. After Friday 9/17/2010, I started getting upset that I did not know anything. The lady on the phone from Anthem told me that they could NOT tell my the outcome except for in a formal letter that would be mailed to me. I just knew that something would happen and I would not get my approval or I would not get it in time. I even started getting depressed and just not happy about anything. On Sunday I decided to check the mail, not even thinking that I would have anything from Anthem but I did. It was my approval letter. I went ahead and faxed it on Sunday to my Doctors office for them to see first thing today. I am scheduled for my surgery next Monday. 


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