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Feb 02, 2011

So, I've been negligent in posting, but it's been a pretty steady ride since surgery.  Surgery went fine, and I actually didn't lose much the first week - my body was still a bit puffed up!  But shortly the pounds started dropping off.  I've been averaging 3.5 pounds a week since then, and it's now February 3.  Since the beginning of october, when I started replacing shakes for breakfast, I've lost 62.5 pounds. 

Other than a two week period around New Year's (when I could eat solid foods again), and stayed even for those two weeks, it's been a fairly steady climb down.  I still drink about 3 shakes a day, and mostly low-carb snacks between.  A pre-sliced bit of cheese, some Greek Yogurt (caramel is my favorite) or some type of meat.  Right now I have bits of pork loin my husband made for dinner a couple nights ago.  I shake out a couple chunks and heat them up midmorning at work. 

I've done well in keeping my 60-80g of protein a day, 800-1000 calories a day, and taking all my vitamins.  I have also been walking every day, up to a mile at lunch time.  I didn't this week, as I injured my big toe falling down the stairs Monday!  But, oddly, then I lost 2.5 pounds since then - go figure.  Not arguing!

My husband started his pre-op liquid diet yesterday, and is miserable, but I assured him he'll get used to it as his stomach shrinks.  It's worse for him, as he's a true gourmand - I am more of an omnivore, I'm happy to eat just about everything.  At least the Atkins shakes are tasty and have a variety of flavors.

Off for now!

Here we go!

Nov 06, 2010

T minus two days and counting - Monday is my surgery date, with Dr. Akkary at Preston Memorial - I'm so excited!  After a hellish work week (about 75 hours in a week) I am so ready for my time off to recover :)   I've been doing great on my liquid diet - lost 12 pounds since I started it.  I'm not looking forward to waking up at O-dark hundred hours to drive to the hospital, which is an hour away, to be there by 7am, but it is so worth it.

The Atkins protein shakes are delicious, IMHO... much better than some of the others I've tasted out there.  Tastes like thick chocolate milk.  My husband detects a faint chalky aftertaste, but it tastes fine to me.  Caramel is my favorite, followed by mocha and dark chocolate. 

I had severe leg cramps the other night, and my dietician recommended I stay on 4 drinks rather than 5, as I may be getting too much potassium.  I did 4 yesterday and was fine.

I've also been looking at what I can eat for my pureed thanksgiving in three weeks, as I'll be in Maine with my in-laws.  Luckily my mother in law has done liquid thanksgiving for stomach surgery before - she's going to blend some turkey, add a bit of low fat gravy and serve on mashed potatoes for me :)

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