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Feb 02, 2011

So, I've been negligent in posting, but it's been a pretty steady ride since surgery.  Surgery went fine, and I actually didn't lose much the first week - my body was still a bit puffed up!  But shortly the pounds started dropping off.  I've been averaging 3.5 pounds a week since then, and it's now February 3.  Since the beginning of october, when I started replacing shakes for breakfast, I've lost 62.5 pounds. 

Other than a two week period around New Year's (when I could eat solid foods again), and stayed even for those two weeks, it's been a fairly steady climb down.  I still drink about 3 shakes a day, and mostly low-carb snacks between.  A pre-sliced bit of cheese, some Greek Yogurt (caramel is my favorite) or some type of meat.  Right now I have bits of pork loin my husband made for dinner a couple nights ago.  I shake out a couple chunks and heat them up midmorning at work. 

I've done well in keeping my 60-80g of protein a day, 800-1000 calories a day, and taking all my vitamins.  I have also been walking every day, up to a mile at lunch time.  I didn't this week, as I injured my big toe falling down the stairs Monday!  But, oddly, then I lost 2.5 pounds since then - go figure.  Not arguing!

My husband started his pre-op liquid diet yesterday, and is miserable, but I assured him he'll get used to it as his stomach shrinks.  It's worse for him, as he's a true gourmand - I am more of an omnivore, I'm happy to eat just about everything.  At least the Atkins shakes are tasty and have a variety of flavors.

Off for now!


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