Whhheeewwwww...cant handle the stress!!!

Apr 02, 2007

Well as of last thursday I am the top candidate for a pretty big promotion at work. I have been here before, twice.....tho I cant prove it I feel as if I was not chosen due to my weight. In one instance, a guy from outside our company with no experience at all in our field was hired. Then in the second instand which was last year right about this time....a younger. thinner girl was chosen. She and I had started with the company in the same capacity within a few weeks of each other. I at that time held much more responsobilities then she did, and had way more knowledge of our positions. But still she was chosen. Well she is the person leaving, so it will be her spot I will fill. I am so torn, between being excessively excited and a bit saddned, because I feel as if I am second best. I know thats just my lack of self confidence talking, but its still hard to overcome these feelings. Well I guess its like they say nothing ventured, nothing gained!!  Maybe this new job has come along at just the right time, right as I am about to start the journey of my new life - a new job, and a new healthier, thinner me!!
Fingers and toes crossed here....lol

Talk to you all soon!
Pround Navy Wife

Onward and Upward!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Mar 26, 2007

Well I finally got the call today from Norfolk Surgical Group......my BIG day is May 17th 2007.......at Norfolk General Hospital at 1130AM!!

As all of us have, I have worked so hard to get this far.....it just doesn't seem real....I mean I always read on here of people getting apporoved by insurance and getting dates....and NOW I am finally one of you all!!! Woooohoooooo!!!!

Well now if the next 7 weeks can just whiz by, I will be great!!!! I swear why does it seem when you are waiting for a specific day, it seems time stands still.....I literally am all giddy just like a child waiting for Xmas!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day ya all.......
Will log again soon!!

Hugs to all

Proud Navy Wife


Mar 15, 2007

I finally got my approval from Tricare Standard. I have been so stressed this past week since we submitted that I swear I have been the biggest BIT** ever!! lol
According to Tricares guidelines you must be 100lbs overweight and have a co-morbidity or be 200% above your ideal body weight.....well I meet neither criteria. However, when I started this journey back in Oct 06. their guidelines read differently....and I most definately did meet them back then, being that my BMI was well over 40.

So anyhow, when we submitted I was sure they would deny me, since I dont meet today's standards.......well they must have used their old standards, cause I was approved without a hitch!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

I should have a date scheduled (the end of May beginning of june) by March 26th, according to Lola the insurance girl at NSG. I can hardly wait....I dont think I have ever wanted anything this badly, besides when I went to Navy bootcamp and was worried I wouldnt make it through.!!!

My surgical group is the best.....from the doctors, to the nurses, to their clerical staff!!! I am so happy I chose Norfolk Surgical Group!!

Hope you all are having as great a day as I am!!!

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Whhheeewwwww...cant handle the stress!!!
Onward and Upward!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!