On my Way

Apr 28, 2009

I have about 30 days left in my old stomping grounds.  LA BOUND for sure.  I got a new job with Blue Shield of California working in El Segundo which is near LAX.  I already have a place in Bellflower.  It is just a matter of moving now.  I am so excited. 

I have a personel trainer now to help me tone up the body and lose 10 lbs.  I have put some weight on since I stop my s-factor classes.  I am going to take up balley or modern dance once i get to LA. I need to stay active.  No luck on the baby front, I found out I have a funny shaped uterus and need SUPER meds to Fertizle these old eggs.  I am keep my hopes high and will not give up.

I have been drinking lots of water and noticed a difference in my skin. WOW that 64oz does make a difference on our body and taking all my vitamins.  I see too many of us lacking in these areas and it is not good.  OH family... Pls watch the H20 and vitamins because they are essential to our survive on this road to beat the FAT!!!!


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