New medical challenges

Jul 17, 2011

Well me life has been fairly good. I had to have my right breast implant replaced because the scar tissue and other things caused it to pop. We are not sure why but things happen. In the meanwhile, I was having a serious of UTI infections for the last year. I had been on all types of bacteria meds to cure it but they kept coming back. Well , while seeing my gyn doctor for a labiaplastly (removing excess labia skin on vagina) she noticed that my bladder was popping out in front of my uterus during the exam. This proceeded her  to further notice that my muscle walls were no longer supporting my female organs and could be the reason for the exessive bladder infections.  Apparently, excessive weight over the years weaken my muscles in the vagina. She informed me that the same was true for my rectal muscles too. It is a serious of 3 different repair surgeries.  Well, I had two of them so far and it was painful but worth the pain. I have had no UTI since the surgery in April and my vagina is super tight now.  They do the surgery for women who want to tighten their vagina but mines was medical so my insurance paid for everything.  I still have the rectal repair to do but we are going to monitor the muscle to wait until it is worse.  At some point, I will have to have the rectal muscle done also.

People ask me all the time do I regret having the weight lost surgery or should they want to lose weight.  This blog should asnwer that question.  There is no way in hell I will ever be overweight again. I encourage all individuals to do the surgery or lose weight. I never once thought about the medical effects on my body from the over eating or lack of exercise.  I cried for weeks because of the things I must endure due to being overweight for 30 years.  I still have to have a tummy tuck and butt lift, so I have at least 3 more surgeries to go.  Well I do them... 100% sure

In all, everytime I change my body, I also lose a significant other.  Its strange how many men & women are so afraid of change. This last guy I dated said the new vagina was too tight and hurt him. So I broke off the relationship immediately. The one from last year said it was too loose and I lost too much weight. Well F---k them both. I am doing me and I will not allow no human being to interfere with my journey to completness. 


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