Robert E. Cole

"My first impression of Dr. Cole was that he was a pretty straight forward guy. He seemed to be a cut-and-dry person; he didn't mince words. He gave me the facts straight and I really appreciate that. It's funny because the first time I ever met him he came over to the bench in the exam room and sat next to me. I was freaking inside. I was like, "Why is this guy sitting next to me??" And then he put his hand on my arm!! But soon I relaxed. He wasn't doing it to make me feel uncomfortable; he was trying to make me feel more at ease. It's a stressful time, to be going to the doctor to tell him that you're fat and are at the end of your rope; that you don't want "morbid obesity" to be on your chart anymore!!! Over time, I got used to Dr.Cole placing his arm on my arm, as a reassurance that I was human and not just what everyone saw me as: A fat woman. I loved his office staff, and I still do to this day. It's funny, I'm post-op, and I feel like I'm bothering them sometimes. Not through anything that they say or convery through tones, but I just call them a lot. And you know? That's okay. They answer any questions you have with enthusiasm and encouragement! They're wonderful! As far as what I want future patients to know: Enjoy the process. It goes by very quick. Relish every minute of it. Your insurance WILL most likely cover this surgery, even if you have to take drastic measures to have them cover it! (I was approved after four days, so no drastic measures here!) Aftercare- Dr. Cole's office has a great aftercare program. They encourage going to the monthly support group meetings, you see Colleen up to the 5th week, and you have the opportunity to see Dr. Cole or Sarah whenever you need them. They are always available. That's what I appreciate about this program!!! Did Dr. Cole cover the risks of the surgery? Absolutely. He actually sounded like he was trying to talk me out of it! :) You know, though, for all the talking to he did to me about the risks and complications, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could have prepared me for the emotions that I would feel post-op!! And the breaking of the bondage that I had with food....that was something I wasn't fully prepared for! People could tell me until they were blue in the face, but I just thought that I would do okay with that, and I did. I really did, but it was SO hard!!!! I can't stress enough that you need to face your food demons and try to right some of the destructive patterns before surgery or you will have a VERY difficult time post-op. I MOURNED the loss of food and the fact that I couldn't eat a Tour of Italy from Olive garden. How silly! But it was a real loss. I deal with food cravings and just substitute other healthy choices now. It is a constant learning process. Oh....but thank GOD that Dr. Cole's office is always available. The last questions is: "Which is better, surgical competence, bedside manner, or are both great?" I think, for me, surgical competence was the most important thing. Dr. Cole could've been this amazing, gentle guy with the best bedside manner of any doctor in the world....and have a lot of patients with horrible complications because he's a bad surgeon. Luckily, he's got both things nailed down: A great guy with the amazing talent and skill to operate on people and give them their lives back!! Look at his patients: They are healthy and happy because of his incredible skill. How would I rate Dr. Cole, overall? There is not a number or a scale on earth that could measure my appreciation and satisfaction with this man! I cannot express in words how grateful I am to him for taking such care with not just me, but with my family. He has touched our lives and has enhanced mine. I will forever be in debt to this angel of a doctor! Thank you, Dr. Cole. "

Colleen Bucher

"She listens, offers alternatives, gently guides us in setting up our new pouchies for success, and she generally just cares about our health. She's amazing!!"

Arnot Ogden Medical Center (COE)

"First of all, this was my first surgery EVER!! Arnot treated me with care and respect. From admission to operating room to recovery room to ICU to Unit 2B, the staff always made me feel like I was their only patient! I felt like I was staying in a hotel rather than a hospital. They encouraged me to get right up and walk the night of surgery, after I had my open RNY. They stayed with me each step of the way. I'd like to name each of the nurses, to show my gratitude and appreciation: admission/day surgery: Judy, Cherie & Jo; operating room: Pam & Misty; recovery: Theresa; ICU: Sonia, Mandy, Norine & Jeanette; and 2B: Shelley, Alanna, Connie, Connie, Cindy, Rhonda, Shelly, and April. These ladies meant more to me those four days than anything! Thanks, ladies!!"


"I just can't stress enough how amazing this man is!! He takes the time to explain things, he is very gentle, and he cares about his patients. I don't think I've ever had a doctor as caring as Dr. Mitchell. I'd recommend any person to him because I believe his primary goal is to take care of his patients, and that he does!!!"
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