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Hey guys!

ok so Dr Glazer gave the go ahead for my revision! He said to call Kline on Monday if I hadn’t heard from his office for surgery date by then. Can anyone tell me roughly the wait time from the point? All other appointments are don

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Hey guys!

Im having my bypass revision done over the next few months. They do it in 2 steps convert it back to a sleeve and then to the DS. Has anyone gone through this process of having there bypass reverted to a sleeve? Did you loose weight

Katie Gavin posted a discussion topic 1 month ago

Hey guys!

just wondering once all appointments are done how long is it normally until surgery?

I have the internist at the beginning of April and then I meet with Kline again to get my date, if all goes well.

Katie Gavin posted a discussion topic 1 month ago

Hey, going through the revision process and wondering if anyone’s gone through it. My bypass has to be made into a sleeve first and then a few months later they complete the DS. I would love to know of anyone has gone through it.

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I had my surgery 12 years ago.  I have had 3 kids and my weight has gone up and down.. until recently.  Nothing Will keep the lbs off.  I'm meeting with Dr Hagen at the end of the month... He did my original surgery!! Had anyone had revision surgery? W

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