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Due to severe GERD and a failed attempt to repair a hiatal hernia last year I found out today that I will be having another hernia repair surgery and the surgeon also recommended revision from sleeve to bypass. He was driving while he was telling me t

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I just got off the phone with my surgeon. My haital hernia is back...I’ve been telling him that for 2 months now. I had it repaired in July last year. The reflux so is bad. Meds aren’t working. I’m sleeping sitting up again. The reflux destroyed

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How many of you food prep for long work days? What do you prep? I’m thinking I need to start putting together my snacks and lunch fahead of time for a quick grab and go in the mornings. Looking for some up to 20g protein ideas that will last up to

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Looking for a PCP in Surprise/Sun City area.  The doctor I currently see is not familiar with VSG and doesn't know what labs to run. When we were in CA I was followed at Balboa but now that we are here for the last 2 years I've had lots of issues and r

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Need help - I had my gall bladder removed in September and a hysterectomy in January.  I have gained 15lbs with each surgery.  I've recently changed jobs due to complications with my health an...

Kristie B. posted a discussion topic 7 years, 4 months ago
grocery shopping ideas - I'm getting ready to go grocery shopping and I'm tired of the same old snacks, breakfast and lunch. I try to cook a healthy dinner and since that is prepared for the whole famil...
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