Hello everyone. My name is Gus Hernandez. I am 31 yrs old and have battled weight all my life. I am 5'11 and weigh 405lbs. I have no medical problems. At all! Which is good since I plan to have WLS in the near future.

My WLS process began in September 2003. I went back to my PCP. By the way, Dr. Castellanos in Covina, Ca is awesome! He's the greatest. I saw him once again after one month from my physical and really discussed WLS. He did not hesitate and we moved forward from there.

I was referred to see an endocrinologist (Dr. Amani) in La Verne, Ca and conducted more blood tests. I saw him two weeks later and told me everything was good.

Saw Dr. Amani in late October and prescribed me topomax. A drug to control seisures. I was not pleased with this medication as it can lead to glucoma. No way! I threw the bottle away down the toilet.

I saw him once again and told him what I did. He prescribed me Meridia. I lost 24lbs and did well but the side affects were not good. I stopped taking them and seen Amani in November.

Saw him once again to follow up on my weight loss. He then referred me to the cardiologist for an EKG, Stress Test, and Echocardiogram.

Seen Dr. Amani once again for my weight loss progress.

01-2004 See the cardiologist in early January 04 and on that same day he conducted an EKG test. Everything looked normal! Cool! He then asked me to come back in late January for the echocardio gram. At this tim I was like, come on...just do it now instead of coming in again. I left there a bit anxious because I want everything done NOW!

Anyways, I show up for the echo and only took 15 min. He then came back and read the results. Once again, everything is normal! He then wanted to see me for the stress test.

I meet him at InterCommunity Hospital in Covina, Ca. I did the stress test and boy did that test dry up my throat. I actually got a cold ha ha h....It's weird but I really got a soar throat from it. So right after getting off the treadmill, he told me that everything looked great and normal and that he would approve me for surgery. I said Yes! I actually went to N N Out after that to have a good lunch! My hearts fine, have no high blood pressure, why not! I'm bad he he

I then see the endocrinologist to provide him with the tests results from the cardiologist. So far so good said Dr Amani. By this time, I had seen him since Oct 03 and thought that I would be a good candidate. I actually kissed him! Just kidding....

Two months go by....During this time, I'm contacting my medical group which takes forever to push on things and let them know what else I need to do. They then send me another requirement sheet stating I have to see a psychologist and have a GI consult. I was like....no way!

April comes around and make an appt to see Dr Harvey (psychologist) in Hacienda Hts, Ca and conducted my interview. He evaluated me and determine I am not crazy...He wrote up my report and had to pay $100.00 for this report. I didn't care because without insurance, I would have to pay more.
I got the report within 3 weeks and sent it in.

May 26, 2004

I receved a letter from my medical group that I've been approved to see the surgeon at UCLA Medical Center. Yes! I'm so glad and can't believe this is happening. Now I'm getting scared. I'm just a big chicken. I know everything will go well.

I call the same day to make an appointment and then find out that I have to submit paperwork that's found on their website. I just took a deep breath and said, "More paper work" Gotta do what I have to do. I'm still waiting for a reply from them.

I then make an appt to have a GI consult with Dr. Akram in West Covina, Ca. He asked for me to do an upper GI. I then schedule it and asked to please please call me if anyone cancels. Of course they just have you wait. My appt date was June 3, 2004 at 10am. I was sedated but really felt that tube go down my throat. All I remember was gagging and someone telling me, "It's ok" yeah right!

I go back a week later to find out the GI results. Normal! I'm so glad everything is coming along pretty good with the eception that I've been in the WLS process since September 2003.

I received a letter from UCLA informing me that they have received my paperwork and will inform me by mail with a date to see the surgeon. Come on guys! Hurry!

I saw my PCP this afternoon to let him know that effective July 1, 2004 I will have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and not Cigna POS. My employer is not going to use Cigna anymore. That was disappointing to me because I was in the middle of this process. I'm ok now because BCBS will cover surgery and they require a written statement from my PCP stating that it's medically necessary. That's why I saw him today. He'll have it done within 30 days. So I'm waiting patiently......

Since I'll have a new insurance, I won't have to go through all the testing because I can show proof that I've gone to all kinds of doctor's. So I'll be updating as soon as I know of anything from either UCLA or my pcp.


Well alot has happened. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas requires 5 years of supervised medical weight loss records. I don't have that. I found this out sometime in July 2004. So my wife will be enrolling me at Kaiser in December 2004. I will be eligible Jan 2005.

My wife works in benefits and I do keep asking when I can call to make an appt with a pcp. Wednesday December 29, 2004 should be the date I can call to make an appt at Kaiser to start eeeeverything all over. On Wed they better have me in their system so that I can make an appt.

I'm very impatient. I don't care what time the appt is. 2amm 3am, I will go! J/K.....Serious, for this process, I'll make myself available to speed up the process.

I'll keep you all posted as soon as I call Kaiser. Grrrrrr! I'll go with a positive attitude.


January 3, 2005

It's now Jan 3, 2005...I can't believe what I have gone through with the process of WLS. By now, I should have already had WLS.

So now I have Kaiser....

Ok, so I call Kaiser member service to find out if I can see my PCP before my appt which is on 2-2-05. They tell me she's booked but that I can continue to call everyday. So that's what I'll do.

I've enrolled in this one class for this Thursday the 6th called weight loss mgt. It's for 2 hrs at 4:30pm.

I want to get this class started so at least I can get a head start. The next classes I need to take are for 10 wks and it cost $120.00. I'll do those classes soon after I finish the 1 day class.

I think I'll take the 10 wk course but will sign up on Thursday. At least I'll begin to learn more than what I know on WLS/weight mgt.

Honestly? How do I feel? I WISH I CAN HAVE THIS SURGERY NOW!!!!!!!!

I'll keep you posted


Just got back from seeing the nurse practitioner (Reily) and told me a little about Kaiser's process with WLS. On the spot told me to get blood work done and take Xrays of both knees. Cool! I'll see my pcp on 2-2-2005 to discuss results of tests and als WLS.


Today I saw Rosa who is the RD at Kaiser in Baldwin Park. The class was about bariatric surgery. She discussed Kaiser's requirements, pre op and post of surgery diets. After attending the class, she is going to forward my profile I completed there to Dr Hernandez who is now my new PCP in West Covina.


I FINALLY seen my new PCP at Kaiser who is Dr Hernandez. I straight out told him my weight issue and told him I would like for him to support me with WLS. He said yes and did not hesitate. YES! He immediately made a referral for an ultrasound of my gallbladder, chest xray, hip xray, and blood work. Yeah!


I went to Kaiser today and they withdrew 7 tubes of blood..Ouch! I also went to the radiology dept to take my xrays. At the lab, they gave me a huge container to collect my urine for 24hrs. I'll be doing that this Sat since I don't work on weekends and take it back on Sunday.


Today I made the appt for my ultrasound. It'll be on Wed the 18th at 7:15am..no eating or drinking for 6 hrs prior.

I also made an appt for March 29, 2005 too see Dr Hernandez to go over tests. He did tell me though that his nurse would call me once he receives all tests back to move forward. I went ahead and made the appt anyways to expedite this process and keep up with the doc to be sure he sends everything!


It's 8am and I just got home from turning in my peepee for the 24 hour test I had to do...Man! I sure filled up the whole thing...


I just got back from my gallbladder ultra sound. It was a quick thing. Sudah the lady had to push on all of my tissue to take good pictures. It did not hurt at all. She told me the results will be available within 1 week. Of course, I'll be calling before just incase because I'm such an anxious kinda guy that cannot wait! Once all the tests are complete, the doc will further review.

Either way, I've made an appt with my doc for March 29th to follow up with him. He said that I would get a call once everything is in.


Souni who is Dr Hernandez's nurse called to tell me that I have a gall stone. My gallstone/s have not been bothering me at all since over a year.

GRRRRRR she also told me that to qualify for WLS through Kaiser, I have to be a member for at least 1 year. Bullshit!!! I am going to still keep my March 29th appt and tell the doctor to submit my request for WLS. I'm going to tell him that I don't want to be cut up for my gallstones and then for WLS. At least if he submits the paperwork and I get denied, I can appeal it and go from there. Come on, my BMI is out the roof so I have a good feeling I would be approved.


Well I did see the doc on March 29th and reviewed my lab work. He said he was going to send in my referral for surgery and also a referral for a sleep apnea test. I said, ok...On Friday April 15 at 4pm I went to the sleep apnea class at Kaiser in Baldwin Park.

The class went over the symptoms and what APNEA does to one. When I left there I tried to make an appt to have the test done but was only able to be on the cancelation list which they would call me incase someone does not show up.

On April 28th I call Robert Peterson at Kaiser who is the WLS case mgr to get stats on my referral and later called me informing me that he had not received anything from my PCP..GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR So I immediately call my PCP and left a msg to send it in. Souni his nurse called me to appologize and told me that today, it will be submitted for approval. Yeah!


So I called this morning to follow up with Rob Peterson at Kaiser Sunset and he called me back informing me he has not received any referral. he stressed I call my PCP's office. So I called and spoke to nurse Souni. She told me the paperwork was already sent to Kaiser in Baldwin Park. I asked who had it and told me Alma in HIS (Health Information Services). So I called and left a message stating Robert Peterson is waiting for the referral and my PCP wants it processed (just to make it sound as if people are waiting for it.)I also faxed them attention Alma to let her know I would like a call asap! Have I heard from her? NO and it's already 6pm. Anyways, if I don't hear from her by Friday, I WILL call again!

You have to push KAISER AND DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!


What's been going on? I've been going back and forth between Kasier in Baldwin Park, Souni my PCP's nurse, and Rob Peterson at the Kaiser in Hollywood wondering what the heck happened to my referral. Rob tells me he has not received it. Souni tells me she has sent it and she does not have it. Alma at in the records dept at the Kaiser in Baldwin Park tells me she's looking for the file.

Then, days later I get a call from Tracy who is the RD there. She tells me she has my file and that there's nothing I can do. She told me that classes called "Option" will begin in August but that orientation in June. In fact there will be various orientations. The thing that sucks the most is that these classes are for 24 weeks. I told her, I don't care as long as I'm in a gourney soon....So soon I'm suppose to receive some information regarding orientation in June.

Sleep Apnea test:

I also called the center a few days ago and they told me I should be getting a test date in late June GRRRRRRRRRRRR...Whatever...At least I'm on the road and getting to the end of the dark tunnel.

I sure hate it when things are pending pending pending!

Keep you posted!


I had my sleep apnea test in 10th. Boy was the lady at Kaiser sorta rude. She explained things so rudely and did not have patience. I just bit my tounge and not said anything because I did not want to get on her bad side.

Anyways, I looked like a suicide bomber. I took silly pictures of myself...LOL I sure was not able to sleep well at all. It was so uncomfortable.

I took the whole thing back the next morning and waited for my results. I HAVE NO SLEEP APNEA! Which is good but at the same time I sometimes wonder why I wake up with a headache. Not all the time but once in a great while.

I also received my "OPTIONS" class date...Yahoooo!
The class begins on August 10, 2005 at 6pm!!! I'm so glad this WLS thing is coming closer and closer and most of all, it's getting scary.

Keep you posted............


I've already done 2 weeks of the OPTIONS class. We're getting to know everyone in the group. I like it because it's right around the corner from my house.

We're learning about the surgery and trying to lose our 10%. Since I've been in this process of WLS for a loooooooooooong time, everything the registered dietician is talking about....I KNOW!! But I have to sit there for another 22 weeks before surgery....Grrrrr


Still going at it. Today is Wednesday and still going through the OPTIONS class at Kaiser. I've lost 7lbs so far. Dieting is hard and not fun sometimes. Grrrrrrrrrrr


Well it's October 1st. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm on the Optifast shake diet. I buy it once a week when I go to the Options class. The shake is pretty good. I'm down 10lbs and still have more to go. I'm doing my best to lose weight before surgery. I don't want to be opened up. I wanna get right back up and live a normal life.

I'm a bit scared of being opened. My blood work I did 2 weeks ago came back all good except for the fact that I have a fatty liver. This should improve as I continue to lose more weight.

Again, the Options class is done on Feb 1, 2006. The nurses at Kaiser told us that once we're done with the class then all we have to wait is at least 3 weeks before surgery...YAHOOOO!


On November 20th I had a gallbladder attack at my wife's grandmother's birthday party. I did not want to be there.

I finally told Anna to take me to emergency Kaiser asap at around 7ish pm. We left there close to 12am. They took an xray of my chest, they took a bunch a blood work and did an ekg.

Everything was normal. I did not go to work on Monday and Tuesday because the pain would not go away.

When I went back to work on Wednesday, I was at work for about 1 hour and then I told one of the mgrs to take me to ER ASAP!

The pain got so bad I was yelling! They took me in asap and gave me all the drugs and shut me up. By that time my wife came to the hospital just in time to talk to the surgeon about my gallbladder removal.

I had the surgery lap at around 3pm and lasted for 1 hour and a half. All I remember was telling the anesthesiologist (SP).."I can't breath"!

I'm feeling good now and was only in the hospital for 2 day. I had a fever but finally broke within a few days. I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital which sucked because I was looking forwards to EATING! LOL


It's going to be 2006 in a few hours! Happy New Year!

This is the year I'll finally have surgery. Yahoo!!!!!!! I don't have a date or anything like that. I still have to finish the Options class at Kaiser which are done on Feb 1st.


I have an Angel!

Wow, what a way to start the new year 2006! Judy Anne has opened up her wings to continue guiding me through my WLS journey.


My Kaiser OPTIONS Classes are over. I completed them last week. My referral has been sent out to Pacific Bariatrics for surgery. Yahoo! I'm waiting now.


I finally have a consultation date at Pacific Bariatrics!!!!! This day has come so fast. Of course when you're waiting it seems forever. I spoke to Lorena and she confirmed that my appt will begin at 10AM March 7, 2006. Yahoooooo!!!!!!!!


So I have my consultation with the Internist and my surgeon Dr Zorn. The psychologist told me she did not have me on her schedule so I have to see her tomorrow!!!! I have to drive 2 hrs to go back. What can I do. I gotta do this.

Anyhow, my consultations went great. The internist did an EKG and said it looked great. Dr Zorn was very nice and patient. My wife Anna loved him. He said I was good to go and that he has no issues with me.


I HAVE A SURGERY DATE!!!!!!!!! I got a call today to let me know that my surgery will be on April 3rd 2006!!!!!!!! OMG This is amazing. I've waited so long for this. Thank you god!


Ok guys, I'm getting so excited and scared. I'm trying to finalize some things at work for my backup to work on. I plan to be out 2 full weeks and perhaps the 3rd intermittence.


Well? I'm a loser...My surgery went as planned. I had to be at the hospital on Monday April 3, 2006 at 5AM. My wife and I stayed in San Diego on Sunday.

We walked to the hospital at 4:45AM and checked in at 5AM. I was sooooo scared. They began preparing me with IV's and the blood thinner. My surgery was scheduled at 8AM but did not have it until 9:30AM.

So I they asked me to lay on the OR table and it was so cold in there. the OR table is very narrow and uncomfortable. They began giving me oxygen and then the OR nurse said, "ok you should start feeling sleepy." Next thing I knew, I was in the recovery area.

They soon took me to the 5th floor. I thanked god so much for getting me there and not end up in ICU. My whole entire family was there. I don't remember much because I was drugged up. My wife stayed with me the whole entire time until discharge.

A few hours later, the RN came in and wanted me to walk. I was like, no way! So I did and did not stop from there. I kept walking and walking. I felt so much better. So the more you walk, you'll feel so much better.

The second day I began with ice chips. That is what I had all day long and nothing else.

The third day they gave me cranberry juice and apple juice. I was only allowed to have 1 ounce an hour. It was not bad at all. It went down well and did not get sick.

On Thursday, I was discharged. I was only in the hospital for 3 days. I'm glad my surgery was LAP and I was headed for a speedy recovery. YAHOOO!

Today (4-10-2006)....I feel so good and with energy. I've lost a total of 37 lbs. I'm still on liquids until 4-13-2006. Then I begin cream of wheat and other soft foods.


I just thought I update my profile for ya'll. I still feel great! Sometimes I tell my wife, "did they really do anything inside me?" Perhaps just to make you think that way so you can eat less.

I'm eating soft foods. Boy does it make me feel sooooo full. I never thought such a small amount of food would make me feel so full.

One thing about this surgery is that my mouth wants food but I just can't have it. There's no way! I get stuffed quick!


Hey guys! I have not complaints regarding my WLS. I have not had any complications what so ever. I work out at the gym 5 times a week and just begun doing weights.

I went to my 3 month post op visit last Friday and all my bloodwork came back normal. My surgeon is pleased with my results and I am excited.

I began eating lean ground beef. Boy is that good! I've been eating lentil soup, cottage cheese, and other soft foods. When I had the ground beef, I wanted to make it into a burrito :-) with sour cream!

My food intake is 3 times a day. Small portions. I'm eating lots of protein based foods. For example, gound beef, egg whites, cheese, oatmeal, tofu, etc. I never thought I would ever eat tofu. Tofu is for skinny people...J/K As big as I was, I would hit all the drive thru's and forget about the healthy food.

I have so much energy. I drink about 70-80 oz's of water a day now. I feel wonderful and I do have lots of motivation to do things.

If you are seeking WLS and you have questions, please email me and I will try to answer your questions. In fact, we can talk on the phone. WLS is not for everyone. There are a lot of people out there that NEED this tool. It's not the solution to lose the weight. I still have to work out to continue losing.

Until next time!


It's almost my 6 months since I've had surgery. Time flies.
My diet consist of 4 ounces of Special K cereal with 4 ounces of non fat milk. For lunch I can have a tuna sandwich but with just 1 slice of bread and sometimes I can't have the bread. I love powdered protein shakes. They go down very nicely. For dinner, I'm having the small Lean Cuisine and those are just perfect. I eat about 3/4 of it and that's all....In between meals I'll have soy chips and/or mango, sm apple, and of course....water....

Oh, and the passion iced tea from Starbucks is my friend. It's decaf too!

If you are considering WLS, yes it is scary because you don't know the results or you can not see what the future holds for you. I trusted my surgeon and I trusted the medical center to take good care of me. Also, I believe I'm doing this right....I'm taking good care of myself and only eat what's on the menu....I do not cheat at all!....Of course I take vitamins, calcium, b12, and b1.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was my first Thanksgiving without eating a whole lot. Yes I miss it but I feel so much better now. I took small bites of everything and enjoyed the tastes. I'm down a total of 201 lbs...I'm just proud of myself. I continue to exercise a whole lot. I do kickboxing, walk, jog, step aerobic, and I do lift some weights. I like cardio workouts.

When I saw my surgeon last month for my 6 month follow up, he was amazed at my progress. He told me to continue to do what I'm doing. I follow a 900 cal diet and only eat 3 small meals a day. I hardly do carbs. I do chicken and some beef. I love the Fiber One cereal. It's really good. I use about 6oz of reg 2% fat free milk and eat it with my cereal. It's goooood!

I still have not drank soda and prefer to stay that way. I sure miss the popcorn at AMC Theaters. I've gotten to ride on rollercoasters which was super fun. A bunch of OH peeps got together and we all had a blast....

I have a new job! I think that my WLS has made an impact in my career. I look and feel so good and have so much more confidence. This job requires to travel so I am not afraid of not fitting in the airline seat....Wohooo!

My current size shirt is XL from a 6XL - My current waist size is 44 from a 60 - I'm just loving life right now. I can buy clothes wherever I want and not have to spend a fortune!!!! Ok, I have an addition, I love to buy clothes and shoes!!!

I'm very pleased with my weight loss so far. I would like to be at 200-205....So I hope I stop there! LOL


It's already been 11 months since I had surgery and I've already lost a total of 231 pounds! Gosh, I just cannot believe it. I feel great, I exercise a whole lot, and have lots of energy.

WLS has changed my life in many positive ways. I can ride on airplanes and have a great time at amusement parks. I FIT!!!! I buy clothes wherever I want with no issues and not have to spend an arm and a leg for shirts.

My calorie intake now is about 1000-1100 a day. Everything I've eaten has not bothered me at all. I've had no complications since day 1. Thank you god!

If you're reading this and have any questions about your upcoming surgery or if you're thinking about surgery, please feel free to email me so that I can answer any questions you may have.


On 4-9-07 Monday morning I go to work. I began feeling pain around my abdomen area so I went to ER at Kaiser. I called my surgeon and he advised me to go to ER!
I got there at 4pm and left ER at 3AM!!!!

So they took a bunch of blood work and x-rays to make sure I was not getting a twisted bowel. They also gave me morphin for the pain and two IV bags because I was dehydrated It was bad!! After all tests came back, the doctor told me everything was normal!!!!! I said what!!!

Tuesday I did not go to work. I got to ER at around 11am and left there at 7pm....I was in pain and they gave me drugs to ease the pain. This time, the ER doc ordered a CT scan....Once again, everything normal!!!! I said what!!!
I did not want to hear that as an answer. I just do not want to be one of those few wls people that have unexplained pain due to wls or other medical conditions ya know?

I saw my PCP this morning and I went over the foods I ate. Well? I remember eatings tons of cheese on Sunday....I mean a whole lot. My pcp told me that my intestines were cramping and that us "bariatric" folks do not have enough enzymes to break it down so it clumped in there....Believe me, I ate a whole lot of cheese and never again will I over do it!!!!!

My pcp prescribed me DICYCLOMINE HCL and Major Ron-Acid Plus.....I feel soooooo much better. Zorn told me to be on liquids for the next few days....Geez, I can't believe something like this would happen. I had so much confidence that being a year post op that I can probably have anything I wanted since I've not had complications.....Boy! Did I learn my lesson....

Right now I hear my intestines rumbling...I guess that's a good thing....Things are moving inside.

Ok...I need to rest for now....Thank's for listening to my drama.O NOT REGRET HAVING THIS SURGERY. IT HAS SAVED MY LIFE!


From a 6XL shirt I'm now down to a large in shirts

From a 60 waist I'm now down to a size 38 waist

Wohooooo! I can shop till I drop!


Well, another year has gone by. Too fast! I'm still losing weight. Today I weigh 188 lbs; from 457 lbs? Dang, that's a lot of weight I was carrying.

My energy level has gone sky high and that's scary! ha ha...I just want to go go go and keep going (shopping, spending on clothes, going out, etc.). My confidence level is so high that Anna tells me to slow down!

I've learned through surgery that you MUST exercise. For many of you that say, "oh my weight has stopped", "Im not losing anymore weight", etc. You got to get your butt moving and do CARDIO!!!!! I'm serious.....I did and still doing so today. I love it! You just have to get your ASS moving...Sorry for being too forward but that's really the key. Also, when going out to restaurants, order your food grilled and not so much food that's been marinated or that has a glaze over it. You know what I'm talking about. Just get things that are grilled and fresh!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Weight Loss Chart

2-2006 Highest 457 lbs
3-7-2006 Consultation 455 -2 lbs
4-3-2006 Day of Surgery 436 -19 lbs
4-6-2006 Day of Discharge 421 -15 lbs
4-11-2006 417 -4 lbs
4-20-2006 406 -8 lbs
4-27-2006 404 -2 lbs Why so little :-(
5-4-2006 397 -7 lbs
5-11-2006 392 -5 lbs 1 Month Post Op Check Up
5-18-2006 383 -9 lbs
6-1-2006 368 -15 lbs
6-15-2006 359 -9 lbs 2 lbs away from 100 lbs!!!!!!
6-22-2006 355 -4 lbs I did it!!!! 102 lbs gone! WOW
6-29-2006 348 -7 lbs I'm down -109 lbs
7-6-2006 341 -7 lbs -116 lbs
7-13-2006 336 -5 lbs -121 lbs
7-20-2006 333 -3 lbs -124 lbs
7-27-2006 327 -6 lbs -130 lbs
8-3-2006 323 -4 lbs -134 lbs
8-10-2006 317 -6 lbs -140 lbs
8-24-2006 308 -9 lbs -149 lbs
9-3-2006 299 -9 lbs -158 lbs
9-14-2006 294 -5 lbs -163 lbs
9-21-2006 292 -2 lbs -165 lbs Gonners!
9-28-2006 288 -4 lbs -169 LBS Feeling Great!
10-8-2006 284 -4 lbs -173 lbs
10-12-2006 279 -5 lbs -178 lbs

10-19-2006 276 -3 lbs -181 lbs

10-26-2006 272 -4 lbs -185 lbs

11-9-2006 263 -9 lbs -194

11-24-2006 256 -7 lbs -201 lbs

12-7-2006 253 -3 lbs -204 lbs

12-28-2006 247 -6 lbs -210 lbs

1-6-2007 241 -6 lbs -216 lbs HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

2-6-07 234 -7 lbs  -223 lbs

2-17-07 228 -6 lbs -229 lbs

5-5-07 207 -21 lbs -250 lbs I've lost 250 lbs!!! Gosh....Amazing!
6-20-07 203 -4 lbs -254 lbs
7-15-07 200 -3 lbs -257 lbs
11-13-07 194 -6 lbs -263 lbs
12-3-07 188 -6 lbs -269 lbs

I'm still losing guys...slowly but surely! I never thought I would be at 194 lbs! I'm doing really good. I feel great too! I have not had abdominal pain since 7-31-07. Boy, am I sure lucky because it's no fun when in pain.. My doctor never knew where that pain was coming from...hummmm

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