Things Continuing to Go Well

Nov 07, 2010

 I got my Vita-Mix and it's awesome!  I've been blending fresh fruits and vegetables in the mornings and adding protein powder.  I've lost a few more pounds.  Since my surgery in April, I've lost on the average of ten pounds a month.  I was at a standstill for  while and lost the majority of the weight at the beginning.  Then recently, having stayed away from gluten and dairy, I broke the stall and have lost about 15 or so pounds most recently.

I watch the glycemic index.  Sometimes my fruit drinks may spike my blood sugar a little, but I always try to throw some greens in there like kale, swiss chard, collard greens, parsley and others.  So far it's working.  Giving up meat has been a little tough at times, but, I tried eating pork the other night and it just didn't taste good.  Though I'm sure I'll have the occasional burger or steak.  I've been getting my carbs from beans, vegetables, legumes.  I try to have a vegetable rich lunch and dinner.  If I get lazy, I'll make another green smoothie.

So far I've been pretty satisfied.  What's amazing is I have no desire for sweets like chocolate.  I can tell my taste buds are changing.  I'm experimenting with a lot of vegetables.  I've made a couple of soups that are vegetable based and vegan.  I seem to be getting in enough protein.  My body seems to be much more regular and less sluggish feeling.  I've been struggling a little getting in all my water, but that's easy enough to change.

I've lost 89 pounds since the surgery.  I think this new way of eating is helping kickstart my body into another phase of weight loss.  But, again, I have to be mindful of the carbs.  So far, so good.

That's my update.  Thanks for listening.  :-)


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