Tired of liquids

Jun 16, 2009

Well, as of today I am 203 lbs...almost to the 100s.  I am so happy.  And, it has been days of normal blood sugars...that alone makes it all worth while!   I had an ear infection this past week...my first ever!  I think my immune system is not up to speed yet.  I was so excited in week 2 that I was exercising, working, carrying on like I had not had a surgery...my body did not like this at all and rebelled.   The infection and healing have now left me exhausted in this my 3rd week post-op.  I am going to try and balance resting/healing and maintaining some activity to help the weight loss along.  

I am still feeling very blessed.  My husband has been so supportive and helpful with my little one and around the house.  He likes to take care of me I think...it makes him feel needed.  

My incisions are looking pretty good.  One of them had the dermabond peel off completely so I put a big bandaid and neosporin on it during the day then let it air at night...it is totally closed and looks great.   The other ones are still covered with scabby stuff and dermabond, but I have a feeling underneath all that they look like the one that I have already gotten to see.  

I am still on another week and a half of full liquids before I can have pureeds.  I can't wait to actually get to solids...3.5 weeks to go for that!   

I don't mind the protein drinks...I really like my syntrax nectar lemon tea and can see myself using it indefinitely as a supplement.  The nectar fuzzy navel is also good for a change.  I was doing great getting all my liquids in during the first two weeks, but now, with working and not being able to drink during/after meals, it is really tough to get in all 64 oz!  I manage to do it but it is sometimes unpleasant!

All in all, things are good.  Today, my mom told me my pants were too big on me and that I needed to buy some new ones.  Yeah!  But I am a cheapskate and will probably wear them til they fall off!  LOL

God is good and as always, I continue to see Him working in my life and helping me to grow and become more of who He made me to be. 

End of a long week...but ending on the up

Jun 04, 2009

Well, surgery was 1 week ago (5/29).  It was a TOUGH week!  Ended up with an upper respiratory infection and "tightness" in my lungs.  But the superstrength antibiotics they gave me are finally kicking in!  Feeling much better this afternoon than I have for awhile.  Still achey and have pain under breastbone and under left breast...but suppose pain is to be expected for awhile.  I struggled at first with getting liquid/protein in as my bowels were SOOOOO distended.  But have been trying to walk more now that the infection has given me some breathing room...literally!    The walking has helped alot with taking down the pressure in my abdomen and allowing me to get in ALL MY PROTEIN/LIQUID QUOTA IN TODAY!!!!!  WooHoo! 

I was emotional this morning...afraid of being back at work next week and not sure if I can handle it.  But if I feel as good as this afternoon I will be OK...tired but OK.  

I had the sense this week that this surgery has allowed God to free me from the hold that food had on me.  Food sounds good and smells good right now...but I am not hungry.  I know I am full and getting all the nutrition I need.  It was empowering.  I am not a slave to food.  Of course, I do look forward to the first bite of something that is non-liquid...still 3 more weeks away :-(.  But, I know that I can do it and that food is just not that important...it is just a tool to nourish my body.    
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Have a date!!

Apr 10, 2009

Yes!!!  I have a date...May 21st.  I won't lie, I really wish it was a lot sooner...so many other folks seem to get dates right away after their approvals.  However, I can't say how much having a date to look forward to really helps me.  I feel so excited and like it is really going to happen...before having the date I always had a fear in the back of my mind that something would change and I wouldn't be able to get the surgery.  I am so looking forward to using this new tool to change my health and improve my energy. 

Approved but still no date!!

Apr 09, 2009

Was approved at the beginning of April but the doctor's office still hasn't scheduled a date for me.  I am so bummed.  They aren't realy telling me much and I hate to keep calling and making a pain of myself.  Ugggh!  I am definitely frustrated.


Mar 09, 2009

Well, I have finished all pre-op labs, nutrition, and psych evals.  They are submitting to my insurance.  I am so excited...I just hope that my insruance is quick and approves.  Wish me luck!!!

Chugging along...

Jan 31, 2009

Finished my chest x-rays, blood work, EKG, and endoscopy.  Have my nutrition stuff taken care of.  Now I just need my ultrasound (to check gall bladder) and to complete psych evaluation.   I went to the first appointment with the psychologist and it was pretty painless.  However, I thought that one meeting was all that I had to do.  Nope...bummer!  I guess I have to go back to have personality testing done.  He said that the insurance company wants to make sure that I have the right personality for success.  He was positive and friendly, but this really bummed me out.  Not sure how long it will take to get this second part done or when I will get an appointment. After posting to one of the boards about it, I do feel better because they told me that it was pretty routine and usually pretty quick. 

After that the surgeons office can put in for final insurance approval and schedule the surgery!!!  Trying to be patient.

Waiting and excited

Jan 24, 2009

I am in the middle of getting all of my pre-op tests as well as my psych and nutrition evals.  Hoping insurance approval will be quick.  I am nervous but excited about finally turning my life around and being healthy and energetic once more!

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