6 months post-op

Jan 18, 2012

 haha I just read my previous post from 3 months ago.  I wanted to be at my goal weight right now.  That is hilarious.  I have only lost 33lbs in the past 3 months for a total of 93lbs since surgery.  113lbs from my heaviest of 300lbs.  That's not that bad, but I'm upset the weight loss has slowed down so rapidly.  I think I drink too many calories and I'm not consistent with exercise.   Some weeks I'll workout really hard and other weeks I do nothing at all.  I'm shocked by how much sugar I can consume and not get sick at all.  I always thought I'd have dumping syndrome with even the tiniest amount of sugar... but I can eat a strawberry sundae from mcdonalds and not get sick.  It's kind of good because it means I don't have to give up sweet treats for life.... but it is bad because I don't like that I can sabotage myself.

I'm at the point where I could maintain my weight at 187lbs.  But I'm determined to keep going and make it to my goal of 130lbs by the end of May.


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