Jeffrey Lord

"Like all of us, I'm absolutely certain Dr. Lord could walk on water if he chose to do so. He has never failed to meet and exceed my expectations for care. He truly cares and is concerned for his patients. He is a very special person to me. You say 100% reviews are generally less informative or even suspect - well, so be it. I simply have no negatives to report when it comes to Dr. Lord. I found his confidence and expertise gave me, and continue to give me, a sense of safety. I will most likely continue to see Dr. Lord every 6 months by choice and at my own expense even though I have just had the 4th anniversary of my lap band surgery because he is so supportive and encouraging."

"A flavorful, no-calorie chewable Calcium tablet."

B-12 Tablet

"A sub-lingual tablet that disolves and readily goes into your blood stream. A significant factor in my level of energy"
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