Well I am 38 and have dealt with  my weight from the time I was born. I was a 10 lb baby and it seems like I have gained almost 10 lbs a year every since then. I was always the kid  that the rest of the kids  made fun of and  all the adults thought was cute. I am happily married  and my husband says he loves me just like I am  but I don't love me just like I am. I decided about a year and half ago that I needed to do something about this weight because I was miserable. I had researched  wls and thought this is not for me. I kept trying diet after diet with no prevail. I then heard about the lap band and thought hey I can do this it will work for me. Well in August I went to  Dr, Jawads seminar and learned nope I was wrong I would never be able to do the lap band and be successful. I went home and cried I thought I would be heavy the rest of my life and it would probably be a short one at that. I spoke with my husband who said I really should have the gastric bypass done. I am scared to death about do this because I have known people that had complications from it but decided I would check to see if my insurance would cover it. Well they wouldn't I thought for sure I was doomed. I started asking around where I work and was told that the insurance through work would cover it. Well now it is October and I have to wait till the open enrollment which is only a few weeks away. I enrolled and my insurance kicked in January 1st 2008. I went to see Dr. Jawad on the 8th the day after my 38th birthday. So here  we are............................................

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