4 years ago today! WOW

Jan 31, 2012

I did not update my status last year on my surgiversary so not exactly sure of my weight, but today I am 149.2; which is about 4 lbs heavier than i was on this same day in 2010...not too bad if I must say so myself.

I have succeeded and failed myself on many levels.

My successes are:

I've hit a weight that my NUT told me I'd never see (because of my muscle mass (hmmm. should I have been insulted when she said that lol)
I've hit a weight that was my overall goal at first and now I'm striving to go even further
I've become extremely acitve and outgoing
I've run 5K's, San Francisco's famous Bay to Breakers and am training for my first 1/2 marathon

My failures or disappointments:

I've still not gotten my eating completely under control
I still eat sweets, even when they make me sick
I'm still 15lbs above my 2nd over all weight goal
I'm still struggling mentally
I find that I am not as confident as I once was after surgery....I am starting to see my flaws more clearly and find myself closing up

Overall, I'm a success story (to me).  I no longer take high blood pressure meds, no longer have sleep apnea, and can fit a one-digit clothes size that I never thought i'd see.  I am very active and always pushing myself to the next fitness level.  1/2 marathon is first on the list this year and maybe before end of the year or to celebrate my  5 year, I'll be ready for a full marathon....always pushing myself.

i can say that I'm overall fairly happy with  my success and where I am today.  The person that lied and said we took the easy way out should be tossed off a cliff...this is an everyday jourmey and will be util my last breath.  Would i trade this experence, ABSOLUTELY  NOT.  Would i do things differetly if I knew then what I know now?  ABSOLUTELY.  I started eating sweets not knowing that this triggers all those cravings that lied dorment, waiting for me to allow this into my system...Now i fight against it every day.

i want people to learn from my mistakes and not take the path that I have..as it relates to the negitives I've experienced...but those are few/far between.

Thats it.  That's my update

WOW!  4 years.  I can't believe it.


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