Hayley had an awesome cruise vacation! =)

Aug 30, 2010

My first cruise. 2 weeks in the Caribbean.  I am so thankful to have had the DS...I felt pretty in my skin. =)  Im so glad to be free of MO...3 years and 5 months...wow. I would do it all again tomorrow. =)


3 years post op

Feb 01, 2010

March 5th, 2010 make 3 years post op for me.  I am happy.  I really am greatful for the skin bounce back.  I dislike my thighs but we are our own worst critics.  Im thinking about plastics but we'll see...i tend to be fickle. =)

Link to my spring break pictures w/ Andy - we went free falling (indoor sky diving)



Oct 25, 2009

Someone posted a question on the message board asking what the Cons were of the DS.  I thought about it and...

Nothing is ever perfect - we always find something to nit-pick about (in all areas of our lifes).  I wear a size 4...for what the DS has given me, I have nothing to complain about. The cons are so minute and manageable that I feel guilty for even thinking about complaining.  My life is easy to live and worth the little adjustments made. Look at my life then and now.  I was MO wearing 24/3x and now I am a healthy 4/sm-md.  I am eternally greatful for the DS. =)

I remember when I used to be MO my skinny friends would complain about being "fat."  I would look at them and think, "If we could only trade places! Then you would know what really being fat was."   I would also think to myself that If I were as skinny as them I wouldn't dare complain - for fear that one day I may actually become fat.  Kind of like jinxing myself. 

So here I am...finally thin.  And I am not going to complain.  I am going to be happy being me.  I dont want to look back at old pictures and say, "Man, I was thin back then! Why didnt i see/feel it?" 

I am so greatful to be me and I don't want to take it for granted. I may not be perfect but then I don't have to be...and that is pretty cool.  I am enjoying being me for the first time. =)
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Aug 23, 2009

I am doing very well.  Very busy with work.  I love my life and I love my Andy.  I have been with him for 14 years and we are still in love.  I feel so much love towards him that I could burst.  I think we were created for one another.  Nothing is impossible with Andy.  He lifts me up so I can see myself as I really am.  He makes me happy and the years just fly by.  We always forget our anniversary b/c time doesnt seem to exsist when we are together.

RNY comparison to DS

Jul 18, 2009

Hayley_Hayley: RNY compared to the DS


RNY – expected weight loss

*50-65% expected excess weight loss (percentage varies in opinion – this is the most commonly seen estimate)



*Possible regain: more prevalent after 5 years

*50-100% regain of weight has been recorded

*Results may vary

*Must follow “pouch rules” in an attempt to not regain


DS – expected weight loss

*85% expected excess weight loss

*Results may vary



*Studies show little to no regain (no one recorded as to gaining all of weight back like with the RNY)

*Results may vary

*Highest success rate over 10 year study (78% avg. Excess Weight Loss – EWL)


RNY – have a stoma (stomach made into a pouch – size of an egg)

*Size: 2 oz

*Stretch to average size of 6 oz in 2 years  (possible to stretch up to 9-10 oz)

*You can eat more as time goes by

*Average after 1 year is 1-1.5 cups of food


No Endoscopes on blind stomach/remnant stomach that is bypassed

*Doctor evaluation: cannot use an endoscope (to find ulcers and tumors)


*RYGBP construction makes the large bypassed distal stomach inaccessible to standard non-invasive diagnostic modalities. Neither x-ray contrast studies nor endoscopy can assess this potentially important but hidden area.


Stomach: pouch

*Should not take Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAID).

*NSAIDs are: Advil, Alka Seltzer, Aleve, Anacin, Ascription, Aspirin, Bufferin, Coricidin, Cortisone, Dolobid, Empirin, Excedrin, Feldene, Fiorinol, Ibuprofen, Meclomen, Motrin, Nalfon, Naprosyn, Norgesic, Tolectin, Vanquish


NSAIDs are used for arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, back pain, headaches, and general aches and pains.

*Taking NSAIDs could develop into a bleeding ulcer and interfere with kidney function.


Possible Problems

*Ulcers (Some doctors recommend taking prilosec for 6 months to 1/2 years in an attempt to prevent the ulcers)

*Possibility of a staple line failure

*Noncompliance: simply do not lose enough (even with following the rules)

*Vitamin Deficiencies

*Narrowing/blockage of the stoma

*Vomiting if food is not properly chewed or if food is eaten to quickly


*Dumping syndrome, NIPHS, Hypoglycemia

No Valve (pyloric valve that opens and closes to let food enter intestines is bypassed) which means food empties directly into the small intestines and causes dumping and/or can cause NIPHS or Hypoglycemia


Dumping: food (most commonly sugar but not necessarily “just” sugar) enters/dumps directly into small intestines and causes physical pain (some people believe this pain enforces good eating habits)

*Dumping varies in degree of occurrence and discomfort

*Dumping symptoms:



Bloated stomach


Excessive sweating

Increased bowel sounds


“Emotional” reactions


NIPHS (insulin over production): “the body overproduces insulin in response to food entering the intestines at a point where food would normally be more digested already - this part of the intestine is not used to coping with metabolizing glucose in the condition it arrives after RNY, and it is suspected that the intestine signals the pancreas for more insulin to aid digestion, causing a MASSIVE overproduction.  The change occurs on a cellular level, hard to diagnose.  Treatment: Removal of half the pancreas.”


*RNY stoma that is created allows food to go straight through the stomach into the small intestine unrestricted so it does not control the flow.  Because of that the body reads that it needs more insulin because the food is moving through so quickly and it thinks there's going to be a lot more food.  With the DS, the normal peristalsis works because the pyloric valve is in place and can control the movement of food into the small intestines.  


*NIPHS, Hypoglycemia is deadly if not corrected


DS – whole stomach (size of banana)

“Whole working stomach” - meaning the stomach’s outer curvature is removed as opposed to making a pouch/stoma.


*Part of the stomach removed is where most of the hormone called Grehlin is produced.

Grehlin gives the sensation of hunger so by removing most of that section of the stomach a DSer is not as hungry as before.

*Whole working stomach: no blind stomach.  Endoscope can be used.

*Can take NSAIDs

*Do not need to take Prilosec to prevent ulcers.

*Valves are in tack: no Dumping Syndrome or NIPHS


RNY – Eating

*Eat protein first

60g of protein a day

*Recommended to chew food to liquid consistency (pureed, soft, thoroughly chewed)

This is more important for people early out (new pouch stomach will stretch out with time).

Food is thoroughly chewed to prevent blockage (the hole/path leaving the stomach and into the intestine is roughly the size of a dime).

To get food unstuck, patients drink meat tenderizer mixed with water.

*Low carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can slow weight loss and lead to possible regain

Avoid sugars in particular (to prevent dumping syndrome)

*Low fat

Foods high in fat may cause Dumping Syndrome

Fatty foods can lead to slow weight loss or possible regain

*64 oz of water

Stop drinking within 15-30 minutes of a meal

Do not begin drinking after a meal for 1-1.5 hours

Some doctors do not encourage the use of a straw (pushes food too quickly through the stomach and can cause gas/discomfort)

*Water Loading

15 minutes before the next meal, drink as much as possible as fast as possible. 

Water loading will not work if you haven’t been drinking over the last few hours.

You can water load at any time 2-3 hours before your next meal if you get hungry, which will cause a strong feeling of fullness.

Disclaimer: this is a practice some people use to feel “full” and lose weight. Not a requirement.

DS – Eating

*Eat protein first

80-100g of protein

DS patients can on average eat more food than any other type of weight loss surgery.

*Low carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can slow the weight loss and lead to possible regain

No dumping syndrome from eating sugar (or fat)

*Eat high in fat

DS only absorb 20% of fat (do not need to eat low fat)


If a taco has 20g of fat, a DSer only absorbs 4g while a person without surgery or RNY absorbs ALL 20g. (this is just an example, measuring absorption is not an exact science)


*When experiencing a “stall” (slowed weight loss/plateau) a DS patient commonly increases fat consumption to resolve


*64 oz of water

Can drink with meals

Can use a straw


RNY – Possible Issues

*Vitamin deficiencies: Must follow a vitamin regime for the rest of your life

Common vitamin deficiencies found in vitamins B12, iron, and zinc

Calcium must be supplemented for the rest of your life

*Bathroom issues



Dumping in the form of loose stools

*Reversible procedure (Reversals of any surgery is very complicated)

Revision often performed instead of reversal

Revising to a different type of surgery is possible.



DS – Possible Issues

*Vitamin deficiencies: Must follow a vitamin regime for the rest of your life

Common vitamin deficiencies found in vitamins A, D, and iron

“Water soluble”/ “water miscible” / “dry” vitamins absorb best (in other words get vitamins that are not fat/oil based)

Calcium must be supplemented for the rest of your life

*Bathroom issues


Loose stool (Most common in the first few weeks of surgery. Generally food related)

*Reversible procedure

The intestinal bypass is reversible for those having absorption complications revision: lengthening common channel (to stop losing weight and/or to absorb vitamins)

Stomach is obviously not reversible (part of stomach was removed)


RNY - Diabetes

*85% cure rate

*RNY can put diabetes in remission.

Diabetes may come back in two or three years--even if the
patient maintains most of their weight loss.

Even a small amount of weight gain, long-term, can cause a diabetes


DS – Diabetes

98 % cure rate for type II diabetes.



DS – Myth or Fact


DSers will have a heart attack from all the fatty food they eat = Myth / Not True

-Cholesterol levels lower after having the DS. 

-80% of the fatty food is not absorbed – the fatty food is healthier to eat as a DSer than a person without surgery.

      **The fat therefore does NOT enter the bloodstream**


If a taco has 20g of fat, a DSer only absorbs 4g while a person without surgery or a person with the RNY will absorb ALL 20g.  Good meal for the DSer. (this is just an example, measuring absorption is not an exact science)


The DS is only recommended for the super morbid obese (BMI over 60) = Myth / Not True

-To be eligble for ANY type of weight loss surgery, a person has to be 100 lbs. over weight or have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more.

-BMI’s under 40 have also been approved (usually require a comorbidy/health problem - an example is sleep apnea).


The DS is “experimental and investigational” = Myth / Not True

-Medicare approves the DS

-Many insurance companies are starting to cover the DS.

-DS has been performed since the 1970s


DSer will have a problem when they become old = Not True

-We wont need to eat as much when we are older b/c our bodies will adapt

-The little hair-like villa located in the intestines grows longer to adjust to the new digestive system (grows longer to increase absorbtion).


DSer’s gas stink = true

-The gas does smell. (This is true for the DS and RNY)

      *Most people see no difference in gas smell but more in the way their poop smells.

-There are products called air fresheners that a person can use.

-Controllable by diet (stay away from trigger foods)

-May take Flagyl or fish zole


DSers may need to wear a diaper = Myth / Not True

-That is silly


Skin color turns yellow or pallor = Myth / Not True

-Patients who follow their regular vitamin regime (keep up with blood work) do not turn pallor

-If someone looks pallor, they could have a vitamin deficiency.  This applies to any type of weight loss surgery. For both RNY and the DS.

-Vitamins and blood work must be monitored for life. For both RNY and the DS.


Dsers don’t need to exercise = Myth / Not true

-DSer’s are aware of the benefits of exercise (body and soul).

-Exercise helps in losing weight and maintaining goal weight 



*Some practices may not be used by all patients. Some recommendations will differ depending on a person’s surgeon.  Possible issues are just that, “possible,” and may or may not occur.


Not every surgery will be right for everyone. Not every surgery will be covered by insurance. Good luck to everyone and thank you for reading my comparison chart. Hayley F.


I had plastic surgery

Mar 14, 2009

I have only had an armlift. I will wait until after I have kids to get a tummy tuck. 

Brachioplasty (Armlift) experience 3/12/09


Got to the hospital at 6:30 – didn’t have blood drawn previously so they needed a sample to run a CBC.  They inserted the IV (the worst part in my opinion and were going to suck out some blood there but nothing was coming.  They didn’t want to blow the line so they decided to leave the IV alone and just draw some blood the old fashioned way out of my left arm.  Messy but not too bad…they said my veins were so tiny (I dread the IV part b/c when I was MO, I’ve always had a difficult time w/ shots). Both nurses (IV and Blood Drawing nurse) spilt some of my blood.  I hate the beginning stuff. 


My anethesiologist and doctor came in…they r very nice and resound in confidence.  That made me very happy (and made spending $5300 feel justified). I got colored on w/ a purple marker and then wheeled into the OR (around 8ish).  My drug supplier said he’d put on a mask and then put me to sleep but I don’t remember getting a mask.  The last things I remember was shifting on the new bed and listening to them talk.  Woke up to my male nurse…very kind guy.  What the pain felt like….


I felt like I had two holes in my armpits that were on fire.  A burning pain.  I felt like I was in an upper body cast but I was only bandaged.  He gave me a few shots of morphine and then said he gave me as much as allowed.  He said with the amount of morphine I received he doesn’t know how I am still conscious.  Hence the morphine wasn’t working enough magic…he kept asking if my pain was a 5 yet and Id keep saying no.  He gave me a shot of Demerol (I think) and that finally helped.  It hurts to extend (straighten) my arms.  Most of the pain is in the very corner of my armpit near my back (so the far right side of my right arm and the far left side of my left arm).  It also hurt more in one arm then the other.  General pain by beginning of arm and at tip of elbow.  Putting my shirt on was SO painful…and drainage seeped out b/c of it.  Nurse said we should take it off and let me have a new robe/scrub to wear instead.  I’ll bring it back one day. Maybe.  It has definitely been useful. 


My pain level is tolerable actually…granted it hurts to move or reach for anything. However, I know I still have the good drugs in my system so I hope tomorrow I wont get an unpleasant surprise (I hope I don’t wake up in more pain then i am in now…although I know it is a possibility).  Guess I will find out soon enough.  Oh! And I keep going through spells of sweating…I took my temperature to make sure I wasn’t running a fever (and I am not). 


Mom was seen by my Doctor around 11:30 (I think I was under for approximately 3 hours).  She told me that he said it went well. Then my mom held up two fingers and said, “He cut off this much.” LoL  I’ll take the bandages off Monday.  I was prescribed Hydrocodone (Lortab), some ointment, antibiotic, and phenergen. I had them filled the other day…all except the Phenergen (spelling).  And now I regret not getting the Phenergen filled.  Why? Nausea. 


I can tolerate the pain but I feel nauseous.  I threw up twice.  Eating is a chore and so far I keep feeling sick.  The first time I threw up it was b/c my tummy was empty.  The second time I think I ate too much.  I can’t tell when i am full.  Now I only take 3-4 bites and wait…but I still feel Oozy every time.  I am going to ask my mom to get the Phenergen tomorrow. 


This took me all day to write. I've been slipping in and out of consciousness all day.  I’ll wake up and be good for a bit…wide a wake…then the next thing I know I'm waking up again. Lol I am falling asleep still thinking I am awake.  My brain is going a mile a minute…no dreams.  Just thinking and planning and weird stuff like that.  I am not a deep sleeper either so whenever my mom walks by my room i am awake. 


So I’m trying to eat and drink and move only when I have to.  I can stretch my left arm out more then my right at the moment.  This is good b/c it made getting things very difficult.  Thanks for all the concern, well wishes, and patience.  I never write long posts so I apologize for the long read or skim. Lol


I will provide photographs of my before surgery arms soon.  My doctor took some and I took some myself this morning.  I don’t have a copy yet from my doctor but I will load mine tomorrow or some time soon. It is too late and too far to go get them.  Wont even get the bandages off until Monday so the “after” pictures will be a little while. 


P.S.  When I went to pay, I recruited the receptionist to look into the DS! 



Day 2 Recovery of Arm lift

Trying to adjust in the bed last night to go to sleep was painful.  And getting up this morning hurt. I’m trying not to use my arms but you can imagine how difficult that is.  I hoisted myself with a kind of rocking motion.  I started to bleed/drain from my right arm.  Armpits hurt and I was very itchy this morning.


The doctor instructions were to wait until Monday to shower and change the dressings.  I cannot rest when I feel dirty.  I am a very clean person.  I wash my sheets and comforters every Sunday.  I take a shower (and that always includes washing my hair) every night.  If I lay in my bed w/out taking a shower I have to wash my sheets the very next day.  I also have to wash them if I’ve been lying in my bed too long (meaning I could be clean when I go in but since I was in my bed all day it feels dirty).  I probably have a little CDO (OCD alphabetically – haha).  The point is I had my mom change my sheets and wash them.  Then I washed myself (everything but my arms).  So I am now feeling nice and clean. 


When I was MO I would have been mortified to let anyone see my naked, even my mother.  The DS has allowed my confidence to build and I did not mind her helping me.  I think my gown dropped a bit at the hospital because the male nurse fixed it and looked at me with apologetic eyes (as in sorry I know I am a guy and you are probably embarrassed) but I really could care less.  My breasts may be small but they are cute and point north. lol   In fact, I am sleeping in just a towel until my gown is dry.  I told my Andy that he would have easy access if he was here (he laughed at my making jokes the day of and the day after surgery – but that is just me.  I know I am in pain but I try not to make it too much of a big deal). I assure you this is not the drug speaking; I am really this open in person (just ask Stephanie).


I still feel nausea and eating is a challenge.  My mother is getting my Phenergen right now.  I took my antibiotic and lortab this morning with two slices of bread.  I don’t normally get two pieces down that quickly so I am not sure if I am feeling sick because of the meds or because the “fullness” signal to my brain is on the fritz.  Regardless, I am going to take the Phenergen suppositories.


Oh!!  Doctor called this morning and said he removed 9cm or approximately 4-5 inches from each arm.  My arms are going to be nice and small!! I feel like I am a magician because so many of you did not think I needed an arm lift.  When I get the pictures I am going to reveal my magic trick.  I can hear the drum roll now and you get to see the skin I hid so well in my clothes.  Then TADA* the curtain drops and you see the new and improved smaller arm.  The illusion becomes my reality.  The magician named Hayley will get to retire her trick. Lol  


Day 3
Mobility is increasing. Had a peek at the scar...pretty ugly right now. Elevated.  But I will tell myself it will improve and try not to think about it.  I am eating much better...and have yet to feel sick today.  My Mom has been a great nurse and I make a point to say Thank you so I hope she knows that I genuinely appreciate her.   

before 2weeks later


I had a dream

Jan 16, 2009

I was morbidly obese despite the daily denial.  I had dark skin in areas (neck, armpits, under breasts) and my tummy protruded out farther then my chest.   Yet I told myself and everyone else that I was happy.  I didnt think I ate too much, I just thought I ate at the wrong times (late at night for example).  I kept telling myself that, when I get thinner I will go this and I will do that.  I slowly was starting to have difficulty doing things...walking was exhausting unless I was with someone who by talking with me could distract me away from the leg cramping.  I couldnt ride all the rollercoasters anymore.  I needed an extension on an airport. 

Then I was tired of waiting...I was ready...I had the DS. 

The darkened skin vanished, the tummy vanished, the limitations vanished, the energy arrived, and real happiness was finally felt.  I look back at old pictures and I cannot believe that used to be me.  This..now..has always been me...just hidden away from the world and from myself by fat.  Im ready now to do everything I always put off...I no longer need ot wait or worry about what I will look like doing certain things.  I got my dream...I got a second chance. 

I no longer look at other people and wish I could give them 50 pounds of my own fat (b/c they could use some weight and it would be an even trade) - I no longer tried to make deals with God if he'd only let me wake up thin. I no longer look at others and wish to trade places with them.  I want to be me now...I am my dream.  I dont have to dream for anything else...I can live the way I was always meant to...happily.

I had a dream to be normal and the DS helped me make it come true. 

Size 2 jeans

Jan 03, 2009

I went into Express and just for fun I grabbed the first size 2 jeans I saw and tried it on.  Size TWO jeans...they fit!  I didnt think it would b/c this is a skinny person store.  I knew my size 4 jeans were a little loose but they were from JcPenny, not a young person's store.  I ordered some jeans online from Victoria Secret in a size 4...now im wondering if I should have ordered them in a size 2.  This is so unbelievable...never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined to be wearing a 2. 

Before I had the DS I vowed to get to a size 8.  No one believed my body could physically ever get that small.  I wanted to prove them wrong...even if I wore an 8 for only a week...I was going to get there!  I am not trying to lose anymore weight just so know...all the walking i did while in Canada made me lose 3 pounds and it moved my pant size.  I can easily put on a few pounds too.  But im happy right where I am at.

I went from a size 24 pant to a size 2...I would say it is almost too good to be true but then I had the DS and the DS makes anything possible.  The DS makes dreams come true, it did with mine!
Love to all from a very happy girl! 

I wore a skirt, im holding it up. lol

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Month 21 Update

Dec 12, 2008

This month passed me by.  On November 30th I finally lost that last pound to make a grand total loss of 200 pounds...TWO HUNDRED POUNDS!  That is so crazy...to look at me, you would never guess I had lost 200 pounds.  I have been lucky with my skin.  While I would like to get some plastics, my skin has bounced back remarkably well. 

So im eating more (can eat all 10 wings w/ some fries and the carrot sticks from wingstop) and thanks to a lot of walking on my Holiday in Canada with my sweetie..still lost weight!

Life is good.  Need to pay off my school loans, marry Andy, and migrate to Canada to start a life with him.  No complaints in my life and no complaints or isses w/ my DS. =)

XS dress

Nov 17, 2008

So I was at Express (skinny people store) and I always buy a Medium.  Well I never wear dresses but since having my wonderful DS I have become very girly.  I thought id try on a sweater dress...just for fun while waiting for my friend to meet me at the mall.

Well the medium looked kind of weird so I asked my attentive sale lady for leggings and a small.  I came out of the dressing room...shy...I literally was like biting my hand.  But it was still a little weird.  The sales lady comes right over and asks me, "What u didnt like how the small fit?" she was peeking in my dressing room.  I responded that I was WEARING the small.  She said,
"really? Well girl u need the XS"

Okay...jaw dropping on floor...did she say I needed an extra small?  Well i wait thinking.."yeah right that will be way too tight"

You guessed it...it FIT! And with room to spare...I cannot believe it.  I know im not really an xs but it still feels good.  I can honestly say the only dress in my closet is an extra small.

I went and bought mid calf boots...It is weird but I was singing "these boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll do...one of these days these boots r gonna walk all over you..."  

The boots really boost the ego. 

Anyway...I LOVE MY DS!!!  20 months ago I was wearing a 3x...the DS has been amazing.  I have lost 199 pounds and havent had any problems...my skin bounced back better then I could ever have imagined (not to say i still dont want some tightening) and im truly truly greatful. 

Ok sorry for all the dribble...here r some pictures.  Sorry they r sucky...it was really hard to take on my own.

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