Size 2 jeans

Jan 03, 2009

I went into Express and just for fun I grabbed the first size 2 jeans I saw and tried it on.  Size TWO jeans...they fit!  I didnt think it would b/c this is a skinny person store.  I knew my size 4 jeans were a little loose but they were from JcPenny, not a young person's store.  I ordered some jeans online from Victoria Secret in a size im wondering if I should have ordered them in a size 2.  This is so unbelievable...never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined to be wearing a 2. 

Before I had the DS I vowed to get to a size 8.  No one believed my body could physically ever get that small.  I wanted to prove them wrong...even if I wore an 8 for only a week...I was going to get there!  I am not trying to lose anymore weight just so know...all the walking i did while in Canada made me lose 3 pounds and it moved my pant size.  I can easily put on a few pounds too.  But im happy right where I am at.

I went from a size 24 pant to a size 2...I would say it is almost too good to be true but then I had the DS and the DS makes anything possible.  The DS makes dreams come true, it did with mine!
Love to all from a very happy girl! 

I wore a skirt, im holding it up. lol

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