I had plastic surgery

Mar 14, 2009

I have only had an armlift. I will wait until after I have kids to get a tummy tuck. 

Brachioplasty (Armlift) experience 3/12/09


Got to the hospital at 6:30 – didn’t have blood drawn previously so they needed a sample to run a CBC.  They inserted the IV (the worst part in my opinion and were going to suck out some blood there but nothing was coming.  They didn’t want to blow the line so they decided to leave the IV alone and just draw some blood the old fashioned way out of my left arm.  Messy but not too bad…they said my veins were so tiny (I dread the IV part b/c when I was MO, I’ve always had a difficult time w/ shots). Both nurses (IV and Blood Drawing nurse) spilt some of my blood.  I hate the beginning stuff. 


My anethesiologist and doctor came in…they r very nice and resound in confidence.  That made me very happy (and made spending $5300 feel justified). I got colored on w/ a purple marker and then wheeled into the OR (around 8ish).  My drug supplier said he’d put on a mask and then put me to sleep but I don’t remember getting a mask.  The last things I remember was shifting on the new bed and listening to them talk.  Woke up to my male nurse…very kind guy.  What the pain felt like….


I felt like I had two holes in my armpits that were on fire.  A burning pain.  I felt like I was in an upper body cast but I was only bandaged.  He gave me a few shots of morphine and then said he gave me as much as allowed.  He said with the amount of morphine I received he doesn’t know how I am still conscious.  Hence the morphine wasn’t working enough magic…he kept asking if my pain was a 5 yet and Id keep saying no.  He gave me a shot of Demerol (I think) and that finally helped.  It hurts to extend (straighten) my arms.  Most of the pain is in the very corner of my armpit near my back (so the far right side of my right arm and the far left side of my left arm).  It also hurt more in one arm then the other.  General pain by beginning of arm and at tip of elbow.  Putting my shirt on was SO painful…and drainage seeped out b/c of it.  Nurse said we should take it off and let me have a new robe/scrub to wear instead.  I’ll bring it back one day. Maybe.  It has definitely been useful. 


My pain level is tolerable actually…granted it hurts to move or reach for anything. However, I know I still have the good drugs in my system so I hope tomorrow I wont get an unpleasant surprise (I hope I don’t wake up in more pain then i am in now…although I know it is a possibility).  Guess I will find out soon enough.  Oh! And I keep going through spells of sweating…I took my temperature to make sure I wasn’t running a fever (and I am not). 


Mom was seen by my Doctor around 11:30 (I think I was under for approximately 3 hours).  She told me that he said it went well. Then my mom held up two fingers and said, “He cut off this much.” LoL  I’ll take the bandages off Monday.  I was prescribed Hydrocodone (Lortab), some ointment, antibiotic, and phenergen. I had them filled the other day…all except the Phenergen (spelling).  And now I regret not getting the Phenergen filled.  Why? Nausea. 


I can tolerate the pain but I feel nauseous.  I threw up twice.  Eating is a chore and so far I keep feeling sick.  The first time I threw up it was b/c my tummy was empty.  The second time I think I ate too much.  I can’t tell when i am full.  Now I only take 3-4 bites and wait…but I still feel Oozy every time.  I am going to ask my mom to get the Phenergen tomorrow. 


This took me all day to write. I've been slipping in and out of consciousness all day.  I’ll wake up and be good for a bit…wide a wake…then the next thing I know I'm waking up again. Lol I am falling asleep still thinking I am awake.  My brain is going a mile a minute…no dreams.  Just thinking and planning and weird stuff like that.  I am not a deep sleeper either so whenever my mom walks by my room i am awake. 


So I’m trying to eat and drink and move only when I have to.  I can stretch my left arm out more then my right at the moment.  This is good b/c it made getting things very difficult.  Thanks for all the concern, well wishes, and patience.  I never write long posts so I apologize for the long read or skim. Lol


I will provide photographs of my before surgery arms soon.  My doctor took some and I took some myself this morning.  I don’t have a copy yet from my doctor but I will load mine tomorrow or some time soon. It is too late and too far to go get them.  Wont even get the bandages off until Monday so the “after” pictures will be a little while. 


P.S.  When I went to pay, I recruited the receptionist to look into the DS! 



Day 2 Recovery of Arm lift

Trying to adjust in the bed last night to go to sleep was painful.  And getting up this morning hurt. I’m trying not to use my arms but you can imagine how difficult that is.  I hoisted myself with a kind of rocking motion.  I started to bleed/drain from my right arm.  Armpits hurt and I was very itchy this morning.


The doctor instructions were to wait until Monday to shower and change the dressings.  I cannot rest when I feel dirty.  I am a very clean person.  I wash my sheets and comforters every Sunday.  I take a shower (and that always includes washing my hair) every night.  If I lay in my bed w/out taking a shower I have to wash my sheets the very next day.  I also have to wash them if I’ve been lying in my bed too long (meaning I could be clean when I go in but since I was in my bed all day it feels dirty).  I probably have a little CDO (OCD alphabetically – haha).  The point is I had my mom change my sheets and wash them.  Then I washed myself (everything but my arms).  So I am now feeling nice and clean. 


When I was MO I would have been mortified to let anyone see my naked, even my mother.  The DS has allowed my confidence to build and I did not mind her helping me.  I think my gown dropped a bit at the hospital because the male nurse fixed it and looked at me with apologetic eyes (as in sorry I know I am a guy and you are probably embarrassed) but I really could care less.  My breasts may be small but they are cute and point north. lol   In fact, I am sleeping in just a towel until my gown is dry.  I told my Andy that he would have easy access if he was here (he laughed at my making jokes the day of and the day after surgery – but that is just me.  I know I am in pain but I try not to make it too much of a big deal). I assure you this is not the drug speaking; I am really this open in person (just ask Stephanie).


I still feel nausea and eating is a challenge.  My mother is getting my Phenergen right now.  I took my antibiotic and lortab this morning with two slices of bread.  I don’t normally get two pieces down that quickly so I am not sure if I am feeling sick because of the meds or because the “fullness” signal to my brain is on the fritz.  Regardless, I am going to take the Phenergen suppositories.


Oh!!  Doctor called this morning and said he removed 9cm or approximately 4-5 inches from each arm.  My arms are going to be nice and small!! I feel like I am a magician because so many of you did not think I needed an arm lift.  When I get the pictures I am going to reveal my magic trick.  I can hear the drum roll now and you get to see the skin I hid so well in my clothes.  Then TADA* the curtain drops and you see the new and improved smaller arm.  The illusion becomes my reality.  The magician named Hayley will get to retire her trick. Lol  


Day 3
Mobility is increasing. Had a peek at the scar...pretty ugly right now. Elevated.  But I will tell myself it will improve and try not to think about it.  I am eating much better...and have yet to feel sick today.  My Mom has been a great nurse and I make a point to say Thank you so I hope she knows that I genuinely appreciate her.   

before 2weeks later


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