Oct 25, 2009

Someone posted a question on the message board asking what the Cons were of the DS.  I thought about it and...

Nothing is ever perfect - we always find something to nit-pick about (in all areas of our lifes).  I wear a size 4...for what the DS has given me, I have nothing to complain about. The cons are so minute and manageable that I feel guilty for even thinking about complaining.  My life is easy to live and worth the little adjustments made. Look at my life then and now.  I was MO wearing 24/3x and now I am a healthy 4/sm-md.  I am eternally greatful for the DS. =)

I remember when I used to be MO my skinny friends would complain about being "fat."  I would look at them and think, "If we could only trade places! Then you would know what really being fat was."   I would also think to myself that If I were as skinny as them I wouldn't dare complain - for fear that one day I may actually become fat.  Kind of like jinxing myself. 

So here I am...finally thin.  And I am not going to complain.  I am going to be happy being me.  I dont want to look back at old pictures and say, "Man, I was thin back then! Why didnt i see/feel it?" 

I am so greatful to be me and I don't want to take it for granted. I may not be perfect but then I don't have to be...and that is pretty cool.  I am enjoying being me for the first time. =)

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