My name is Heather and I am 31 years old.  I live in Ajax, Ontario, Canada.  I was born in a very small mining town where I use to spend most of my time on the ice skating or in off ice classes.  Once my brother and I grew to a certain point my parents didn't feel there was a life there for us.  We then moved to a small town where I was never excepted because I was a bigger child.  Everyone use to make fun of my weight even at that point.  I was only 10 at that time.  As time went on and I grew I still was over weight.  I hated it.  I was a very active child but still kept gaining weight.  In high school kids use to tease me and call me things like Heffer a female cow.
I did meet a guy at a very young age and thought I was in love but sadly it was blind love and the more I went through the more weight again I would gain.  I went through a very bad divorce and had to move.  I finally met someone who loves me very much and is very supportive.
In 2003 I was in a car accident and hurt my back.  I couldn't go to the gym and work out like I use to.  Nor could I walk for a very long distance.  In 2004 we found out that I could not have anymore children.  The two we had was going to be it.  Well to our surprise later that year we found out we were expecting.  I had to have a c-section and with that the doctor made alot of mistakes and I again have not beable to do much in the way of working out.  So since 2003 I have been on a weight gain because I am unable to do things to make myself better. 
I can't wait to have this surgery as I know it will fix alot of problems for me.  I know this is probably to much information but I think everyone has a story as to why they are "pleasantly plump"  as my grandmother would say. 

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