6 months Out

Mar 07, 2009

Its hard to believe that I am 6 months out and over 100 pounds and down from last January! What a wonderful ride this has been.

The big thing that is happening now is figureing out what I can do now that I could not do before... last week I discovered that I can walk up to work from the ferry and NOT get sweaty!!!  So now I am walking up the hill 2 or so days a week.... as the weather gets better I will probably walk up more.

I don't mind getting my picture taken... I went and got an enhanced driver licence yesterday...so I can cross the border without a passport (by land and sea)... and I liked the picure they took... AND I got to lower the weight on my license!!!

The "girls" started shrink.... I don't think I am DD anymore.. this is probably a good thing.. since I  have only gone down from a size 46 DD to a 42 DD.   As soon as my bras are too loose around... I will think about getting something new ones.  I did buy undies for the first time in Decades from a non plus size store.... that was fun!  I even got some fun for me to wear on Valentines day!

I am wearing my Husbands fleece and sweatshirts now...

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