I lost 10.2 pounds!

Mar 12, 2008

I went to nut last week and I was down 10.2 pounds whichs seems amazing to me... since I really did feel like I was dieting.

I am counting calories trying stay under 1800.  I am sure that seem like alot... and on some days it is alot for me too.  But concidering I was consuming closer to 3000 to 3500 calories per day.

This month seems to be a little harder... I had a mini binge on Sunday... and probably  grazed about 1000 calories that afternoon.  But I got back on track on Monday.  I think I need more structure on the weekends.

I started exercised this month.... my arms  and legs ache.... but I am sure this will get better soon.


One month down 5 to go...

Mar 01, 2008

I have been writing down my food for 4 weeks now and I go back to the Nut next week.

This has been much easier than I thought this would be...  I have found some peace with being honest about what I have been eating.  While I have not be perfect and have had trouble with some of the portions... in that I know I have under estimated how much I did eat. 

I have been surprised that I have pretty much stopped eating at the cafeteria at work... that is saving me about 500 calories a day.  I have discovered fat free Greek yogurt... and love eating it in the morning with berries and cereal. Who new that plain yogurt could be so good.

I had high hopes of working out this first month... but I will do more this month.

I have not weighed myself at all, but I know that my pants are loser... and I am not unbuttoning them every night after dinner

I am really working on only eating when I am hungry... I am getting better but I still tend to eat by the clock... not alway when I am hungry.

We went to Anthony's last night... I ate way too much bread... but I did not finish my meal for 2 reasons.... 1) the beef did not taste good...and 2) I was FULL and if I ate any more I would have been miserable.

Food log and other developments

Feb 10, 2008

I found out that Lap Band may not be an option.... so I am back to my orginal plan of getting RNY.

Well, I have started my food log ... the first 3 days were as I was eating "normal" and now the plan is to reduce my calories by 500 each day...with the goal of losing 4 to 6 pounds this month.

I am working with a personal trainer now, and although I hurt.. I feel better about getting more exercise in my day!

Need to start a 6 month supervised diet plan

Jan 23, 2008

Well my surgeon's office called and told me that when I get a 6 month medically supervised diet ...  I will get approved!!!  So I guess I should be happy about that... but its a serious pain the **** to go through this... but at least I know what I have to do to get approved!

My Journey Begins...

Jan 08, 2008


I went for my first appointment with my Surgeons office on Jan 4, 2008.  They sent a letter to my insurance to see what I need to do to get approved.
 This is the first year that Weightloss Surgery is on my plan...

I want to have RNY...but may need to switch to Lap Band to so that my co pay would be less. 

I will write more when I have more info....


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