I realized that it might be good to write out my story, as I've been finding it helpful to read the stories of others. 

I am almost 62 years old.  i think that I've been overweight all of my life, and obese for at least the past 30 years.  The weight charts say that I ought to weigh 175 lbs at my height of 6 feet.  I can never remember being less than 195, which was when I was in college.  Once in my 40's my weight got down to 210 lbs with lots of exercise.  I've been on liquid protein, nutra system, weight watchers, etc.   and I fall off the wagon on every one of them.  My weight was 250 ten years ago when I first was diagnosed with diabetes, which runs in my family.  Since that time it has crept up, along with my blood pressure, sleep apnea, and osteo arthritis.  I now take 5 oral medications for the diabetes, plus two shots a day of insulin.  My weight was 292 when I first checked in with the bariatrician at Lehigh Valley Hospital, but i get ahead of myself.

When I started to have trouble controling my weight and my diabetes, I checked in with my endochrinologist, Dr. Somera Ali, who is wonderful  She concurred that a lap band would be great for me and suggested Lehigh Valley Hospital because of their reputation and because they are "Center of Excellance"  My internist was somewhat less enthusiastic because she says that she has had patients with lots of problems after bypass surgery, but she did support the lap band.  I was also inspired by my cousin Michael, who has lost a great deal of weight with a lap band and looks great.

I have begun the 6 month presurgical progam at Lehigh Valley in Allentown.  It is thorough and I have a great deal of confidence in it.  I'm now in month two.  I've been to one medical support group, mostly educational, and I am scheduled with the dietician and clinical social worker.  (Oh did I say that I am myself by profession a clinical social worker psychotherapist.)  My wife has been very supportive, but I've been reluctant to discuss this process with most people because of the judgmet I've seen in some.

Well here I go, hoping for 185 lbs some day.

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