Regression, but no regret, yet

Apr 12, 2009

I found myself starting to eat things that I should not and crave things I should not.  I decided to give myself a few days off strict dieting.  I ate some cake someone had in at the office, a whoopee pie on the way home from shopping, and we went out to a wonderful Indian restaurant and I had a rather rich entree.

Today I get back on track.  I've put on three or four pounds and for some reason don't feel bad about it.  My new clothes still fit fine. I feel good and can do things I couldn't do before.  I sort of like being at this weight.  I know that the docs want me to lose another forty  pounds at least, if not 55-60 and I'm going to try, but I just needed to relax and be.

I'm setting a new goal for myself.  Rather than avoiding all bad foods, I'm going to try to avoid eating compulsively and have all or most of my eating be mindful and purposeful and relaxed.  I think that may be the key for me.


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