I read through some other profiles and I though that Minnie Mia's closing comments on her 2 year WLS story said it all for what my goals are: 

My life, as you can see, is much less about “The Surgery” these days and much more about my life. This is the whole point of the surgery. To restore your physical and emotional health to the point that your existence is no longer wrapped up in your fat. But be warned: once that insulation goes, you’ve got a whole other set of issues to handle. Social skills never developed, emotional issues never dealt with, hidden fears/pain/anger, you name it. People will treat you differently and your job is to decide how to treat yourself now. I’m workin’ on that part. Regardless of what people on the boards say, I *have* changed. I’m *not* the same person I was before I lost 130 pounds. I have confidence, I have hope, I have a new perspective on life in general and I have to learn how to incorporate that into the life I want to build for myself. I spent 32 years waiting to not be fat. Now I’m not. So what’m I gonna do about it? I have no earthly idea...but I’m gonna have fun figuring it out!


Thanks for the inspiration Minnie Mia.

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