Maybe it's a guy thing?

Apr 27, 2011

Is it just a guy thing?  One thing that really brings me down is having car problems that cause me NOT to have a set of wheels.

Not only do I dislike not being able to get around as much.. I think it also bothers me if I can't make the repairs myself and have to PAY someone else to fix the car.

My car has been in the shop since Monday night to repair the front end.

To get to work Tuesday morning, my wife had to drop me off on the way to her job.  That means I had to start work about  three hours early.. It was a long eleven hour day.

I decided this morning that I didn't want to be at work that long.. so I rode my bicycle to work.

I completed the seven and a half mile trip in a half hour. The sun was out and it was warm.

It was better than driving.. but I still want my car back soon.