WLS.. still the best decision of my life.

Jun 08, 2011

I was riding my bicycle this morning. It was just after the sun came up and was lighting up the farm land along the bike trail. The air smelled so nice. It wasn't too warm yet.  I was wishing I could just stay home today and ride my bike more.
But then I thought how lucky I am to be able to go out for a ride before going to work.  I know what it's like to be out of work. When I lost my job a decade a go and was morbidly obese, I felt really hopeless. Out of work and so fat that no one would hire me. But I eventually found work.

And now that I'm half the man I used to be (weight wise that is).. I find time to indulge my favorite past time (bicycling) and still go to a job that I love.

So on this summer like day, I decided to dress like people used to back in the early part of the last century.
I put on a straw hat and suspenders and went to work. A coworker snapped a photo.