Do I feel healthy?

Jun 20, 2011

Healthy? HELL YEAH!  I feel so good that it makes it tougher to motivate myself reach my goal weight..... you know the goal weight.. the one on the charts that seem ridiculously low?

My sleep apnea has lessened
My blood pressure is under control
I haven't had any gall bladder attacks lately
I don't have the pain in my arthritic knees  (unless i go overboard on exercise)
I haven't had a repeat episode of a pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis (nearly died)
I have ridden my bicycle more than 900 miles so far this year.
I hit the gym for circuit training three times a week.

I also try to make more health improvements.
I had a eyesight problem corrected with laser surgery.
I just had surgery to hopefully repair a chronic sinus problem.

And I OBEY my doctor.  (Even if I can't ride a bike for TWO WEEKS after my sinus surgery)

Sure.. I'd get a second opinion if I had serious questions about a physician's instruction. But in general, my doctors have had pretty solid advice.