Weight Chart

Date:            Weight        lbs lost        BMI
7/2/07 -        276.5           0           40.7    
7/9/07          272.5           4            40.1
7/23/07        263.5         13           38.9
7/30/07        256.5         20           37.8
8/6/07           256.0        20.5        37.8
8/12/07         250.0        26.5        36.9
8/19/07         246.0        30.5        36.3
9/1/07           243.0         33.5       35.8
9/9/07           239.0         37.5       35.3
9/15/07         236.5        40.0        34.9
9/23/07         233.0        43.5        34.4
10/1/07         233.0        43.5        34.4
10/8/07         230           46.5        34.0
10/21/07       227           49.5        33.5
11/19/07       227           49.5        33.5 *Yikes a month long stall
11/26/07       225           51.5        33.2 
12/3/07         221            55.5       32.6  
12/14/07       218            58.5       32.2
1/26/08         214             62.5      31.6
12/29/08       192             84.0      30.4
15 lbs to first goal!

1st Goal - 203 which will put me at 29.9 BMI
2nd Goal - 169 BMI 24.9
Final Goal - 150 BMI 22.0

One month out from surgery

Aug 13, 2007

Well, It's been a month and things are going along good.  On the weight loss front I certainly can't complain about 26.5lbs lost for GOOD!  I can drink water very well now.   Much easier to get in my daily needs.  I will be on soft foods for another month.  I have heard that you can eat more soft food than solid food but I can eat about 6-8 oz of soup in about 30 to 45 minutes.  I still continue to be gassy and have had some problems with diarrhea.  Maybe that is from all the soft food.  After this stage of recovering I will probably never eat Jello or Pudding again! LOL I can't say that I have been overwhelmed with new found energy or anything.  But I do have quite a bit of relief from foot and hip pain.  Which is WONDERFUL!  I am still taking Prilosec once daily, I will do that for one more month as well.  Well that is it for now!  I LOVE MY VSG!

Surgery Update

Jul 24, 2007

Hello All!
I just got back from Mexico yesterday.  We stayed a few extra days to be able to enjoy it since my DH and I have never been.  Well, the surgery recover has been a piece of cake so far.  I arrive in Mexico on Sunday.  We went straight from putting our luggage on the bed to in the Ocean.  I knew I wasn't going to be able for the rest of the week and wanted to so badly :)!  The next day I was at the hospital at 10:00am for all those using Dr. Joya in Puerto Vallarta it might be a good idea to get Nathalie # before you leave.  The hotel did not give me my letter with appointment information and had to make a few calls.  But managed just fine.  My surgery was at 1pm the only really bad time was in recovery which now seems like a distant memory thanks to the pain killers. I was back in my room by 4:30pm.   I walked as soon as possible as it made me feel better.  I think I walked just about every hour.  I spent two days in the hospital.  I was in pain for sure but not screaming the house down as I was afraid I would being such a BABY about pain.  I threw up twice in the hospital once after the 2nd night in the morning.  And once after the ever lovely blue dye test. The only good  thing I can say about the leak test is that it was short, I was glad to be done with it.  They removed my drain and I was on my way early afternoon on Wednesday.  Thursday I was not yet 100% but well enough to walk downtown, shop and see the sights.  Friday was perfect I felt great from then on out.  I had brief moments of stomach/gas pain but all was well.  I did have a few hiccups ramdonly the few 4-5 days they kinda hurt but not terrible.  And never many in a row or anything.  I didn't have the gurgling sound I've heard of and I didn't have any reflux.  Dr. Joya put me on an antacid for two months, I assume it is doing it's job. 
The hospital was even better than I had imagined.  The bed was super comfortable.  The hospital is spic and span clean.  The nurses were wonderfully attentive.  I think I got better and more personal care than I would have received in a large hospital here in the states.  I did not use the nightgown that I had packed.  I used two hospital gowns, one put on frontwards the other backwards and it made a very comfortable dress that I didn't moon anyone with either :)
Dr. Joya saw me for about 3 minutes in the surgery room right before surgery.  He asked if I had any questions.  I couldn't think of even one.  He saw me every day I was in the hospital for a few minutes.  Because everything was going well, they were short visits.  Their were several other Doctors that assist Dr. Joya on wound care and follow up.  They were wonderful.  I can't remember any of their names but the one that took me down for the leak test and help hold my hair back when I threw up the lovely blue dye was so kind and gentle I think I half fell in love ;) lol
If you are having doubts about the care you will receive, based on my experience you can rest easy.  The care was EXCELLENT.
We stayed at the NH Krystal.  I can tell you it has the best beach in town.  No kidding.  The rooms were great.  I paid for the upgrade to get the Oceanview.  That was the best decision.  We had a sea turtle lay eggs just a few yards in front of my room.  The sunset was breath taking.  I'm an animal freak and they have some cats on the property which I didn't waste any time adopting for the week.  I was astounded by the lack of bugs.  The housekeeping was perfect.  The food (so my husband tells me) was fabulous.  I do HIGHLY recommend the chicken soup that they serve at the diner by the pool.  1/2 block to the south they have "Little America" which has several banks, Starbucks, Chili's, Hooters, Baskin Robbins and more.  1 block to the North was a large Super Market with everything you can want for food and toiletries.  If they don't have it about 3 more blocks to the north is a Wal-Mart....
Of course I was there in mid July which is the beginning of their rainy season.  It rained every day I was in the hospital and was sunny all the others.  (I of course ordered that way :) lol)  But it was HOT HOT HOT and WAY HUMID.  My hair and skin just looked great though :) 
If you have any questions about Dr. Joya or Puerto Vallarta as an option for you please feel free to ask.  You can email me by using the "Send Message" on my profile.

Two weeks til Mexico

Jul 01, 2007

I can't believe that it is finally getting this close.  I think all of a sudden it is becoming so REAL.  I'm having dreams every night of everything I will be able to do that I haven't been able to for so long.   We had a last minute OMG with financing.  I had applied to CITERRA FINACIAL and they had approved me back around the 12th of June.  They said all is good we are sending a letter to your Doc and you will get papers in the mail.  This was great.  I hurried down and paid my deposit with the doctor to secure my date and paid for my airline tickets.  Then I waited and waited for the letter to come.  I didn't want to appear desperate so I waited a few days past when I thought for sure the paperwork should be here.  When I called they said, OH I'm sorry looks like your state has laws preventing the loan to go through in Colorado due to the high interest rate.  I she quoted 21.9% interest.  I said well wait a minute that isn't even close to the rate you quoted me.  She went into some talk about two different interest rates and the different way they are calculated.  The one she gave me was different than the higher one but Colorado still wouldn't go for it. 
They didn't call or anything.  They waited for me to call.  Just over two weeks out and they left me high and dry.
THANK GOD, that my DMIL was able to give us a loan. Last minute.  So all is not lost.  It has been a very tense few days though wondering how it was all going to work out. 
I start liquids tomorrow so I'm a little nervous about that.  I know it will be tough but I'm totally motivated. 

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