I had Gastric Bypass on May 8th, 2007. Things have been going well since then. I had severe diabetes and it was to the point that I was told I would lose my feet within 10 years.....talk about a reality check!! I wouldn't even make 40 with my feet? Ok, not an option. So that's when I had 3 Drs. opinions all say I need Gastric Bypass. We sent my info into my insurance and within 5 days from the date it was sent I was approved.

Well, I'm already happy with the surgery as my diabetes has gone into remission and when I get up in the morning, my feet don't hurt to stand on. This surgery has amazed me already.

My surgeon is a magician in my opinion! My incisions amazing to the point that you can barely see them. *Grin* Yeah, I'm happy. Now I've even hit the goal that my surgeon and dietician wanted me to get to!! I'm THRILLED!!

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