New Year and back on track

Jan 02, 2017

I had saurkraut and pork for new year's eve, and day and will have more today for lunch and dinner. I'm going to have a cheese stick or two for breakfast and some coffee. I'm started on my water intake for the day and doing good so far. I'm starting the new year at 205 which isn't terrible since I had quite a few days of not eating right. I'm only three pounds up from when I was eating right. I'm really trying to start off the new year good. I hope to see my goal weight this year. It would be incredible if I could be close by my anniversary April 4th. Me and my husband are both doing well with the weight loss. He's doing it without surgery and I'm doing it with the VSG. I know we can do it. We have both seen awesome weight loss so far. I think this is my year. I'm going to see some amazing things happen this year I just know it. Happy New Year everyone.