Smoke free day two

Jan 16, 2017

I quit smoking Saturday night at 6pm. I'm doing good so far. I'm more anxious today and jittery than I was yesterday but I'm doing it cold turkey. No patches no gum No nothing. I need to do this. I'm spending a fortune on cigarettes and I'm having chest pain and lung pain from smoking. I feel so much better without smoking. I've only been smoking about three years before that I had quit for four years. And I was still having dreams of smoking and cravings even four years from when I quit. I've tried multiple times to quit smoking in my life and the best chance I've ever had is when I quit cold turkey. I've tried everything, the pills the patches the gum the inhaler. Cold turkey is the only thing that works for me which is the most difficult way to do it. WIsh me luck.