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"Dr. Hodge was great! He made me feel extremely comfortable about a very difficult subject. Overall, my first impression of Dr. Hodge is that he is serious about his profession and wants only the best for his patients both before and after surgury.rnrnUpdate: While the before care was good, his office aftercare left something to be desired. I live over an hour and a half away from his office and twice his staff scheduled me an appointment only for me to drive down there and have them say, \"there's been a mistake\". Both times, I had appointment cards that they had filled out with the exact time and dates to which they said, \"Sorry, we must have looked at the calendar wrong.\" The second time, I asked the office staff if there was anyway that Dr. Hodge could go ahead and see me since this was just a quick followup. They said that Dr. Hodge was not there that he was in surgery. At that moment, Dr. Hodge walked down the hallway and into his office. I called there attention to this and they ignored me. Unfortunately, after two visits similar to this, I dismissed myself from his care and have since had to rely on my PCP for any followup issues. I did speak with Dr. Hodge, however nothing was ever really resolved. Please understand that this was really an office staff and office procedures issue more than a surgical performance issue."
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