Nov 01, 2010

  I have a goal now of losing 100-130 lbs in the next 1-2 years. I am starting today. I am 251 lbs as of today. I was 322 at my highest weight. I had a RNY on 9-4-07. I lost down to the 250's and stayed there.

  Now I am ready to get tough with myself and make the changes that I need to make in order to get down to a normal size.

   I'm going to record my weight once a week, in a notebook, and will have a diet diary and other things in there to help me and motivate me. I have pictures, from when I was a normal size, in my notebook.

    I told my hubby that I may need plastic surgery after the weight loss. Once I have stayed there for 3-4 months. He said he would get a loan so I can have it done.

     I haven't been this motivated in years. So, God must be helping me.

      From time to time I will come here and record how things are going.



Jan 28, 2009

I weigh 250 now. I got up to 260, or a little more. On jan 1st,09 I started dieting. The first week didn't go well. I don't think that I lost. But in the last few weeks I have been losing. I have been 249 and 250 this week.  I eat a lot of oranges. I have yogurt, canned pneapple, cottage cheese, deli turkey; to name a few. I try to be healthy.

I also try to eat mostly low cal foods that I enjoy. But I don't eat large amounts of anything but the oranges. Who knows what will change. But, for now this is a satisfactory way to diet.

My gastric bypass was on 9-4-07. I was 321 a few weeks before that. So, my weight is at least better now than it was n

I don't get on line much now a days. So, "Hi everybody!', for anyone that reads this.  May God bless you all.  Marie


Oct 27, 2008

My lowest weight since my RNY was 240. I was that for one day, then began gaining weight. I got all the way up to 254.

Now, I am trying to diet, in order to stop gaining and start losing.

At first, I felt very depressed about the weight gain. But, am doing my best to not let this problem wreck my mood.

I have many blessings in my life, so I will try to focus more on those, instead of my weight.

weight loss benefits

Aug 28, 2008

Today I was 240. That's a 81 pound loss since August of 07.
I'm not thin. I'm not yet a normal size. But I am smaller than I was a year ago. So, that's a good thing.
Life has improved some. I can walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air. I can do many things now without gasping for air. I used to get out of breath after even minor exsertion.

I feel a little prettier than I did a year ago. I feel closer to a normal size. I don't feel as ashamed about my weight or size as I used to. That's a good feeling.  People even compliment me on how I look now. So, I must look at least a little better than I did a year ago.

I fit into a lot of places better than I used to. Flying isn't as hard on me since I fit in the airline seats better.

It's easier to find clothes that fit, without having to order them from a big person's clothes catalog.

It's easier to get out of chairs, the bathtub, and everywhere else.

Many things have changed for the better. More things than I can list.

So, though I'm not a normal size yet, and might not ever get there, things are still better than they were a year ago.

August 2008

8-16-08/ 11th month after RNY

Aug 16, 2008

I got down to 240 a few months ago, then I started gaining weight. I got up to 253.  Now, I'm down to 242.

The weight gain was because I was drinking a lot of high sugar drinks. I was making a 1/2 gallon of decaf tea and putting a cup of sugar in each pitcher of tea. I don't do that now.

I'm hoping that I can keep losing weight.   That's it for now.


Jun 23, 2008

I'm 242 now.  It's been 9 1/2 months since my RNY.
That's a 72 loss since my RNY and 79 loss since August of 2007.

Things are going fine. No big problems, related to the surgery. 

People are noticing more and more that I am thinner. In a way I don't feel a lot thinner. But from time to time I do.

If I had known how much pain and difficulty I was going to go through because of the surgery I probably wouldn't have had the strength to purposely go through it all. But, just like child birth, there's a big reward for all of the difficulty and pain.

Life is improving, little by little. So, in the long run, it's been a good thing.

7th month (April 2008)

Apr 15, 2008

I am now 248. That's a 66 pound loss since 9-4-07 and 73 lost since august of 2007.

5th month

Feb 05, 2008

I'm 257 now, so that's 57 pounds lost so far since the RNY and 64 lost since August of 2007. I feel good about that.

Most of the time I feel pretty normal.  Once in a while I wait too long before eating and I get really weak and ill. But 90% of the time I do fine with my diet and my health.

I still have back problems and a few other health problems that I've had for a long time. But, over all, I'm mostly doing okay.

I like Raisin Bran Crunch with 2% milk, canned fruit with (2% fat)cottage cheese, Dryers strawberry popcicles, soup and crackers, stir fried vegs with a little rice, but meats and fish are still not agreeing with me.

 Even the most tender meats and deli meats are still making me sick. So, I    get my protein from dairy products. I'm fine with that. I miss meats but I usually don't let it bother me. I feel grateful for the continued weight loss.

That's it for now! marie

4th month

Jan 13, 2008

Today is Jan 13,2008

On the 4th I'm not sure what I weighed.  I was on vacation, visiting my family in Tn. But today I am 261. That's 53 pounds lost since Sept,04,2007 and a loss of 60 pounds since agust of 2007.

Most of the time I feel okay. I'm continuing to have problems tolerating meats and fish, but I have a lot of other healthy foods. I have raisin bran, milk, bean and pea soups, cream cheese and Ritz crackers, canned fruit (in juice, not sugar) and many other foods like those. So, my diet is varied and mostly healthy.

I feel fine most of the time. So, that's a good thing.  People say that I'm looking better and smaller. I don't look a lot different to myself, but others keep saying that I do look a lot different. Maybe some day I will feel that I do.

I don't like it that I am still obese, but that's real life for ya.  I wish that I could hurry up and be a normal size, but being healthy is my main goal.

That's all for now!  marie

3rd month

Dec 05, 2007


I weighed 268 this morning. So, I've lost 46 pounds so far, since my RNY and 53 since August of 2007. 

I'm happy about that.  No major problems now, except I can't tolerate meat very well.  Mostly things are going better than they had been.

I have almost anything I want to eat. I just don't eat very much. I hope that this can be true from now on, but I'm not going to worry about that. 

Anyway, I feel that things are going good right now. That's a major blessing.

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