Virginia Hospital Center

"Virginia Hospital Center was a terrific place to have my surgery. The facility is clean, new, and the staff were excellent. The intake procedures were organized and efficient, and there were many safety steps that gave me great confidence they knew what they were doing. I felt like they were doing everything they could to give me as good an experience as possible."

J. R. Salameh

"Dr. Salameh is warm, competent, and thorough. I think his judgement is excellent, and his bedside manner very reassuring. My surgery went flawlessly, and my healing was rapid. The hospital facilities were great. I would recommend him to any of my family or friends who needed weight loss surgery. Further, his staff was wonderful. I was having problems with my insurance company and they were sympathetic and helpful. Really, I can't thank them enough for all their help in making it work!"

Fredrick Brody

"I visited Dr. Brody for a consult, and we agreed I was a good candidate for a VSG. I liked him, and thought he knows his stuff. His staff assured me that my insurance would cover it. WRONG! I learned later that they had NEVER had a patient with my relatively low BMI covered for a sleeve by my insurance. Seems like that would have been worth mentioning before I did a whole bunch of visits for psych eval, nutritionist, etc.. Another staff person then said that he may drop me as a patient because of my insurance problems (wrong) and that he wouldn't write me a letter of support for my appeal (wrong). Basically his staff didn't want to deal with anyone with insurance problems, and they were very unsupportive. I'm surprised he puts up with this. In addition to my insurance appeals, I am thinking about self-pay. I like Dr. Brody just fine and I think he'd do a good surgery, but I have to say his staff is a big part of why I might decide to take my business elsewhere. Not that they care. "
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