Alex Argotte

"My first impression of Dr. Argotte was that he really cared for me as a person. Over time I saw that my first impression was right. Everyone there was so helpful. I really have not had anything bad except for a long wait 1 or 2 days but that wasnt bad. You should know that he will not rush your surgry he wants to make sure your healthy and understand what your doing and what will happen. He also wants you to follow up and hes very serious about you keeping in touch and following after care. He will let you know upfront what a serious surgry this is and makes sure your up to the challenge. Dr. Argotte is the best doctor i have ever been to I wish he also had a family practice I'd see him all the time. Both surgical competence and bed side manner are important because they need to know what they are doing and you need to know your not just another chart to them. Dr. Arogtte gets an A+ in both."

Lourdes Hospital

"I am very happy with the surgry, These first 3 weeks are the hardest because of the pain. However they were very good at managing my pain even after I went home. I was so impressed with they staff at the hospital. They were all kind and treated me as if I was the only paitent. Dr. Arogotte is one of the kindest people I have ever met. He makes you feel like a human and see your beauty even when your severaly over weight. I would recommend them to anyone."
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