My Journey so far:
I've been interested in having the Gastric Bypass surgery for years.. since I heard about Carnie Wilson, actually. I started my journey years ago, but hit road block after road block. First it was my age (I was 19). I finally found someone to take me seriously when I was 20, then there was an issue of my insurance 'rolling over' on the day that was supposed to be my surgery date... so that fell through. And it was one reason or another for the next 3 years.

Now, I am 24 years old. I have tried 4 times since my initial 'surgery date', and I'm giving it one last try.. before I take it as a sign that God just doesn't want me to have this surgery. I have since landed a job that has a PPO, which allows me to choose my doctor, and even though it has a higher co-pay with this plan, I'm still VERY excited. I am willing to pay for the WHOLE thing if it just meant I could have the surgery.

A little About me:
I was a chubby kid, even chubbier adolescent, and now I'm just an overweight adult. I made a drastic change to my diet in my teens and lost about 60lbs for the tough high school years. It got me through, but even before I graduated, the pounds had started creeping back on.

I'm tired of having to go through 50 pictures on my digital camera, only to get one that doesn't show my ugly chin, or huge stomach roll... I'm tired of not being able to dress the way I want to dress. I'm tired of being eyeballed when I walk into a Souper!Salad! because 'fat people don't eat healthy stuff.' I'm tired of a lot of things, but mostly I'm sick and tired of the insurance agencies lack of compassion towards people of all shapes and sizes. 


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